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FYI Dance Club

FYI Dance Club Studio, Wicklow Community Centre, St. Patrick's Road, Wicklow, Ireland
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The FYI Dance Club is located in the new Wicklow Community Centre across from St. Pat's Church.   There are classes available in Commercial (Hip-Hop), Authentic Streetdance, Modern Theatre Jazz, Musical Theatre & Jazz and Creative Dance.


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FYI Dance Club Summer Camp dates! July 10-14 for 8-14 year olds July 17-21 for 4-7 year olds Still sorting details but wanted to give out dates ASAP. Booking info soon thanks!

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Tomorrow is the last day to submit your music for the Choreography Competition. Bring it to Donna at the studio on USB or Cd between 2.30 and 5.30 (Thursday). Good luck!! ❤️❤️❤️

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2 down, 1 to go! Thank you to all the students for their patience and enthusiasm during costume fitting! There's just ONE day left (Thursday) to get your music in for Sunday's Choreography Competition! 👍

It's costume fitting week!! Please wear a vest top or light t shirt so we can quick change. Most costumes will be teamed with black leggings or bottoms so if you have them handy wear them in. Thursday students will need their leotard and leggings as usual. And we're off!!! 😳

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Ah wow 😢😢❤️


Oh Dara & Aoife!!!!! Wait til you see this!!❤️❤️❤️

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AND THE WINNER IS... I have been so blown away with the level of dedication to our wee 'competition' during this term (backstory: I taught a brain sequence which helps with coordination, problem solving, task changing, quick thinking & focus; then challenged the students to learn it, with a little prize to be won. Well this spurred them on and most knew it perfectly by week 2 so it became a time- based trial...) And Wow!! The results were beyond anything I had expected. Proud of all of the students who gave it a go and practiced! Actually, I'm so proud I've decided to award 3 prizes! 1st prize: Maria (snrs) with 13.5 seconds 2nd Prize: Lucy (Thurs jnrs) 15.49 secs 3rd Prize Molly W (Tues inter) 18.8 secs See you next week for Prize awarding!! Yaaay! (Oh and costume fitting 😳😳😳) 😁❤️

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It's the last week of our Brain Sequence challenge! Currently in the lead is Leah Doyle from Monday 4.30 Hip Hop group with 21.01 seconds!! Lily Glover a close 2nd with 21.31 seconds! Wow!

So far all classes this week have finished their final routines. With just 4 classes left before showtime (5 for Thursday groups) let's get practicing! 😅🤗🕺


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