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Edmund Rice Heritage Centre, Mount Sion, Barracks Stree, Waterford, Ireland
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Tips & info on all things Pregnancy, Birth & Parenthood.
GentleBirth Workshops presented by Deidre Murray at Birth Plus are help monthly in Waterford. Tips & info on Pregnancy, Birth & Parenthood. GentleBirth Workshops presented by Deidre Murray at Birth Plus are help monthly in Waterford.


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GentleBirth App 7 day free trial is now available. The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Each day you’ll be guided through the unique brain training programme, tailored exactly to your circumstances. You’ll learn simple effective breathing, mindfulness and medical hypnosis techniques that you’ll use long after your baby arrives. Enjoy!!

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Do we need strong abdominal muscles for birth

Schemas in Children’s Play

GentleBirth Meet Up

GentleBirth Meet Up

Louise Murphy – Looking For an Excuse to Eat Cake? You’re Welcome!

Happy New Year Everyone! For those of you expecting a new baby in 2017, big congratulations to you all. Come along to one of our GentleBirth Meet Ups to find out how you can prepare to have the most positive pregnancy and birth experience. Check out for regular meet up dates. If you are not sure what happens at a GentleBirth Meet Up – the below blog will explain all. Please feel free to PM or call me if you would like more information on GentleBirth Meet Ups and Workshops.

Not evidence that early induction of labour makes a difference in older women (35/39 trial)

Birth Plus's cover photo

Birth Plus's cover photo

GentleBirth - Brain Training for Birth - YouTube

You can train your brain for a more positive birth experience - no matter what comes your way on the day. Learn simple ways to build emotional resilience that will take you well into your parenting journey with more confidence and compassion. Have a look at my website to see what else you and your birth partner will learn at a GentleBirth workshop.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Leo Varadkar Minister for Social Protection Ireland : Extend Maternity Leave for Mothers of Premature Babies in Ireland

Please sign and share the link and lets make a real difference to the lives of countless families affected by premature birth.

Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat - "Belly Breathe" with Elmo

"Belly Breathe" used often in this house when things get a bit crazy!! Great way to teach kids how to slow down their breathing when they feel stressed and anxious.

GentleBirth & Breastfeeding Meet Up

GentleBirth & Breastfeeding Meet Up


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