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Progressive Physical Therapy - PPT

2 Burton Hall Road, Sandyford, Ireland
Physical Therapist



At Progressive Physical Therapy we take a patient-centred, holistic approach to pain management, using the latest evidence based research.  Welcome to Progressive Physical Therapy, a new clinic with a fresh approach to pain and injury management. The clinic is run by Kevin Hannafin. Kevin holds a B.Sc. in Applied Health Science and Physical Therapy obtained from the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science (IPTAS), Kevin also qualified as a Personal Trainer from the National Training Centre. He is currently a member of the teaching faculty with the Institute of Physical Therapy.

Kevin enjoys working with all types of injuries and painful complaints, from acute injury to the chronic lower back/neck pain, working with the patient to integrate individual rehab plans. He is passionate about education and bringing the latest scientific research to the clinic. This ensures the highest standard of care for each patient. The clinic is based in Raw Gym in Sandyford which gives us great access to all the newest equipment for rehabilitation sessions. The clinic is fully insured and Kevin is a member of the Physical Therapy governing body, the IAPT

Kevin is a  keen sportsman who currently plays hurling for Kilmacud Crokes.


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Great information in this short video.

What's the single best thing we can do for our health...............EXERCISE

I've seen a lot of people who are worried about joints cracking and fear they are doing some sort of damage. So what is happening when your knuckles or your back? This video will explain all...

What an amazing experience working at the marathon yesterday. Kept on our toes all day long. At times it was like a scene from the 'Walking dead'. Congrats to all who took part. It's amazing how with the right mind set, belief and hard work what we can achieve. Our bodies are more robust than we think. Great to meet so many participants and hear some inspirational stories, it would almost make one consider entering....................................almost 😂😂

Best of luck to all my clients taking part tomorrow. Trust in your training. See you at the finish line.