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CC Fitness by Caroline

Glenview House , Ballingarry, Roscrea, Ireland
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Welcome to CC Fitness by Caroline. I am a qualified gym instructor who can provide you with personal coaching or small group fitness instruction.  Welcome to CC Fitness by Caroline where I provide  bespoke fitness classes to suit individual client requirements.  With a fully equipped fitness studio, I offer both one to one coaching or small group sessions.

As a qualified Fitness professional from Limerick University, I provide  motivating and enjoyable fitness programmes for you.  My private studio is equipped for cardio workouts, endurance, strength and toning.

I am flexible to client needs so please feel free to get in touch for more information today.


Here's Ger on the spinning bike, he is getting a great cardio workout in this session. He is also engaging his core muscles while cycling, he looks very focused in his preparation for his half iron man💪💪💪👏

Here's Ger doing a bank of pre-stretches before his workout. He is holding the stretches for 10-15 seconds. The muscles that are being stretched are Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Deltoids, Erector Spinae. The benefits of doing a pre-stretch are, Good joint mobility, Less chance of muscle injury, Helps prevent low back problems, Can improve sports performance.

This is Ger, Ger has started training in my fitness studio, as he will be competing in his first half iron man competition in August this year. To get Ger in peck condition for his goal, we will be working on different elements of his fitness in his training schedule. We will be focusing on his cardio training, developing his core muscles as this will aid stability, balance, posture & overall control, weight training to help with his strength & endurance and also his flexibility to aid muscles to recover and avoid injury. These are all vital parts of Gers training. I have also given him a programme, so he has his days and time allocated to what he needs to do, but also rest day's so that he is training correctly and allowing the body to recover sufficiently.

Just a few Exercises to show everyone, from HIIT session to floor exercise to weights, also cardio👊👊💪👍

Cool down after 12 laps of the pitch 😃

Strength training flipping over 110kg tractor tyre 💪👏👍

That feeling after you finish a run😊

"Unsure how to start your fitness plan- just give me a call and I am happy to chat to you about the options today"......

"Unsure how to start your fitness plan - just give me a call and I am happy to chat to you about the options today"......

Another day at the office😆💪

What a lovely morning 5km run get you ready for the day💪👉