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Gadget Repair

46 South Street, New Ross,, New Ross, Ireland



Electronic Repair Shop  Check out our new web site

This is a repair shop in New Ross dealing in electronic devices.

For a price that's fair visit Gadget Repair

Phone Unlocking now Availible

Nintendo DS DSL or DSi

PSP or PS3/PS2

Xbox360 or Xbox

All makes of mobile phone

Apple iPod any version

Mp3 players

Apple iPhone

GHD straigtners

GPS units

Laptops and desktops

Any fault with any of the above devices give Gadget Repair a call for a free quote.

All repairs are done on a NO FIX NO CHARGE arrangement

Can't make it to New Ross use our POSTAL SERVICE fully insured and easy to use, call or email for more info

Touchscreen not working or smashed

LCD screen broken or smashed

Games not reading or playing

Device wont turn on or stuck on bootup

Unlocking service for mobile phones

Inhouse unlocking service for iPhone any model

If your device is not listed call Gadget Repair with the device at hand for a free quote



Dell Inspiron 7720 laptop for sale 8gb ram 1tb hard drive Windows 10 Office 2016 Kodi Original charger and bag included Like new condition. €499

Hundreds of fidget spinners In different colors and designs for sale in deegans discount store in new ross

Another phone (s7 on os7) unlocked by Gadget Repair for only €20 and 30 minutes while other shops are charging €35 and want to keep your phone for a day. If your looking for a cheap fast unlock you know where to go, Gadget Repair

IPHONE 6 are back in stock prices start at €400 which includes a 12 month warranty and genuine charger.

Gadget Repair

Gadget Repair

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Refurbished Iphones back in stock. Like new with box and all new accessories makes for a perfect gift. Available in iphone 5 and 5s 16gb and 32gb Other makes and models also in stock, check the pictures for more info. All phones are unlocked unless otherwise stated Deposits taken

Photos from Gadget Repair's post

Photos from Gadget Repair's post

Selection of phones and ipads for sale in Gadget Repair. Prices in pictures All unlocked phones

Photos from Gadget Repair's post

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Android boxes back in stock and better than ever. Every movie and tv show box set at your finger tips New x96 model so small it's designed to be stuck to the back of your telly out of view. But don't let it's small size trick you. It's packing 2gb ram 16gb of storage and the new S905X chipset. €119 fully loaded and setup to use out of the box all it needs is your wifi password. MXQ pro 4k android box has all the abilities as the x96 above but is cheaper at only €89. 1gb ram 8gb storage. Drop into our shop for a demo of the product and see for yourself what it's capable of. New episodes of all your favourite shows weeks before they show on UK or sat channels.

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Items for sale in our shop Iphone 5s like new in box 16gb €330 Iphone 5 B grade 16gb €219 32gb €245 Iphone 4s A grade 16gb €170 IPad 4 A grade 32gb €339

Photos from Gadget Repair's post

Photos from Gadget Repair's post

Items for sale

Photos from Gadget Repair's post


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New Ross, Ireland
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