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Pit Stop Cafe

20 Dominick Street, Mullingar, Ireland



Home - made breakfast and lunch. Sandwiches, wraps and salads made - to - order. Specials available.
Event Catering*
Free WiFi!


I would like to thank everyone who were so helpful caring and thoughtful. Thanks again it’s not a nice feeling ..

So my shop was broken into and cleaned out last night so mad 😡

Trying the get into work but not looking good will keep you all posted sorry

So a really good customer came to Ann and said there's a horse called pitstop running today so my good friend Ken and I backed it . It ran home first at 16/1 it's the first day the pitstop ever made money 💰

There will be no fish man in town today due to unforeseen circumstances please share

Thank you Charlotte .

We are closing at 9 am as most premises are in town see you all tomorrow

We are doing a special tomorrow a storm breakfast you will be blowing away😂😂😂

Just letting you all know the pitstop is closed next week for holidays . I really didn't want to close because I'd miss you all so much 😟.. no sarcasm at all . But we will see you all in ten days ... starting to well up ..

A real good looking bird came into the shop this morning ... one of our loyal customers snapped her up ... she was small petit but had wings😂😂😂😂

Now I'm wide awake on my high horse .. so the council want to upgrade Mullingar so great ok it mightn't be all right but we will sort it . So when non business people stick there nose in I get a tad annoyed. Great into business pay all your taxes etc then voice your opinion other than that F off

The new door sign


NEAR Pit Stop Cafe