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Digital Assist is an online marketing and tech service for small companies and organisations looking to extend their reach through their online channels. Digital Assist is neither global nor large, the exact opposite in fact. Our service is designed for the “smaller” organisation seeking to get their message out there, to increase sales or to increase attendance at an important event which they're running. We help them to keep step with technological innovations and communications. Changes such as the rise in mobile devices, social media marketing and the revolution of online purchasing. We adopt a simple approach to helping these organisations to deal with the simple tasks they need to undertake to stay effective even with a limited budget. It’s always better to proactively do something however small and limited due to restricted resources, rather than do nothing.
Our approach is to keep it simple and to break the overall task down into achievable goals which we can offer to do for you or we can simply oversee them as your internal staff complete them. The main thing is that you make the all-important start and we can help you with that.

What we do:

Website Design and development
Social Media Management and Engagement
Social Media Analysis and Insights
Online promotion of events
E-commerce planning and execution
Pay per click advertising
Software Systems

Our Facebook Page will help you to understand more about these activities and will allow us to keep you informed of new developments.


Mullingar Chamber

Simple Symbolz

Simple Symbolz

Map to Sponsors of Mullingar Christmas Market 2016

Just created our new map to the Sponsors of the Mullingar Christmas Market 2016. designed and manages the event website and is coordinating Business sponsorship of the event. All sponsor will be included in the printed event guide if received before deadline of Wednesday 23rd November. For more information call 086 8237179 or contact Mullingar Chamber

Mullingar Chamber

Mullingar Chamber

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