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Annette's Aloe

Clogher, Ballinamore, Clo. Leitrim Tel. 087 7556127, Leitrim, Ireland
Skin Care Service



Hi I'm Annette, a mum of two grown-up boys, an animal lover & fitness enthusiast.  Let me show you how to look & feel good. Welcome to the Annette’s Aloe. This business page has been set up to inform, interact with and I hope will be a worthwhile resource for all my customers.  

Mission 1: To help people look and feel good. Improve people’s well-being and share the worlds purest Aloe Vera based products.

Mission two: To show ordinary people that they can have an extra ordinary life with our business opportunity. I will support each individual to achieve success and create the life they deserve.

Here you will find the link to my on-line shop that you can go straight onto and order your products if you wish without having to contact me directly, which of course is what I'm here for but for those of you who are a distance away it could be very useful.  The product will be delivered to an address of your choosing for a small delivery charge.



Tip of the week This week's product tip is from Catherine Davies: When you're finished with your empty plastic Aloe Vera Gel packaging - reuse them! For example turn the empty bottles into feed scoops for horses and chickens or bird feeds.

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Tip of the week This week's product tip is from Stephanie Jardeback: Rub one pump of the Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum into your hair after styling it, this keeps any frizzy hair at bay and your hair gets a bit of a pamper.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise 😁 as this is our company’s top selling product for the last 40 years... Swedish Health Awards asked the public to bring forth their absolute favorite products in the health segment. They received 634 nominations! A jury of 10 health experts, editors and marketers then chose the best products for 20 different categories. 35 549 votes came in, and we are so proud that Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel won Health boost of the year! Comment below to find out more about how you can add this fantastic tonic into your daily diet. @swedishhealthawards #aloeveragel #foreverproud

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