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Acorn Acu-Health

Greystones, Kilmacanogue, Ireland
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Acorn Acu-Health has been set up to help woman, and partners, with fertility, pregnancy, IVF treatment, gynaecology, and stress management.


How can Acupuncture help to achieve a healthy pregnancy? It is used to enhance the energetic vibrancy of each individual receiving it. This means that if the core energy is strong and that the nutritive health is strong that the embryo will be more healthy I believe. Also it increases the sperm in its movement, and it helps to create a normal shape.. both needed to create a healthy baby. It's possible also it increase the numbers. Deep relaxation is also needed in helping to keep hormones balanced. I am working in Greystones and in Sims IVF clinic in Dublin Contact me for any questions or to make an appointment.. Kate 087 2325383.

Acupuncture Clinical Club. Evidence-Based Practice. Interact. Reflect. Develop. Clinical Club delighted to welcome Kate Curtis, Midwife-Acupuncturist on Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Birth' 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 Sandymount Hotel, Dublin 4 @ 615pm, September 24th 2016 Kate Curtis is a Midwife-Acupuncturist in Sims IVF clinic in Dublin with an established private practice for over 25 years. During the meeting she will address the following topics: 1. How to guide couples towards pregnancy . 2. How to address fears surrounding child birth and parenthood.. 3. Methods to sooth deep anxiety, fears and stress.. Subjects discussed will relate to Acupuncture, Meditation, Chigong, and Breathwork. le dea-ghuí Denise 'The heart is alive and it possesses knowledge, it knows and from knowing makes distinctions. To make distinctions is to know all parts of the whole at once.' Chuang Tzu

Acupuncture is a fully integrated service within Sims IVF clinic. It can be used during a preparation process while also addressing lifestyle and dietary imbalances. Stress is a major factor which can effect the outcome due to the cortisol changes which in turn can make hormones become out of balance. Acupuncture can help to stabilise these so to create a good baseline before starting to do any treatment within the clinic. We are there most days. Enquiries and bookings here with me or directly with Sims. Kate. 0872325383


Free 1st Acupuncture consult in Sims Ivf clinic in Clonskeagh. During July. Contact me on 0872324383.

For pcos and endometriosis, acupuncture is used to reduce inflammation and regulate the menstrual cycle. It paves the way for healthy embryos and endometrium, so that pregnancy follows more successfully.

Acorn Acu-Health

Acorn Acu-Health

Acorn Acu-Health

I have spent an amazingly beautiful time creating and manifesting. I have created a life which has nourished me hugely. Look at the trees above on my page. So deeply nourishing for the soul. I am honoured to be in the position within the biggest IVF clinic in Ireland Sims (affiliated now with Rotunda IVF clinic) , to be part of a team to help create tbe integration of East and West. Acupuncture has been fully accepted and integrated within this Medical establishment. What a feIt! And an honour. If you know anyone in need or distress from their grief of fertility difficulties get them to brouse through which is my new creation .. Click onto it and like and share it. Much love to you all who read this.....

Should You Get Tested for Leaky Gut?

Chronic inflammation in the gut is at the root of many illnesses including fertility problems. Modern wheat and sugar is a major factor. Both addictive. Read below all about it.

It can without doubt become one of the most stressful times, trying to conceive a baby. Yet stress can be the very thing that gets in the way. Acupuncture is a gentle yet powerful therapeutic tool to use to assist you in achieving deep emotional and physical relaxation, including the boys too!

Acorn Acu-Health

Acorn Acu-Health


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