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Glenflesk Art Gallery - Mark Eldred

Glenflesk, Killarney, Ireland
Art Gallery



Landscape Oil Paintings e.g mountains, lakes, rivers, sea

Mark Eldred was born in Hong Kong in 1964. His childhood was spent in rural Norfolk, England.

After leaving school he went to Goldsmiths Art College in London and in 1985 received his Batchelor of Arts Honours degree in fine art for landscape & portrait painting. He then left England and travelled for four years through Asia, Australia and New Zealand, gaining much inspiration from living in the rainforests and wilderness areas of these countries.

On returning to England, using a motor caravan as his base, Mark travelled throughout Norfolk painting and sketching the tranquil landscapes of this area, working towards a solo exhibition in Norwich and a group show in London.

Mark then came to Ireland for a holiday in 1992, he was so inspired by the unspoilt natural beauty of the landscape that he decided to make it his home. He now lives in Glenflesk near Killarney, Co Kerry with his wife Jean and their two children.

He has spent the last eight years passionately painting the Kerry Landscape and is continually inspired by the richness and diversity of his environs. His paintings reflect this diversity ranging from boulder streams, waterfalls, forests, cloud scapes, bogs, seascapes, mountain ranges and lakes.

“There are still areas of wilderness in Ireland and I feel very fortunate to be able to live here. My recent paintings are inspired by the seasons as they are happening in the landscape. This change between Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn with all the differences in colours, textures, smells and moods is a constant source of inspiration for my work”



This is a new Loop Head seascape , which will be on show at the Kilbaha art gallery situated at the end of the Loop Head Peninsula.

During the summer we were at the beach in Aldeburgh suffolk , the fishing boats drawn up on the shingle were inspiration for this painting.

We were at Derrynane in Cahadaniel recently, the weather was amazing, the tide was lapping on the sandy beach, this painting was inspired by that day.

This painting is of the beautiful Kells Bay gardens this spring with the Azalias and Rhododendrons in full Bloom

This painting was inspired by the wild coastline of the Loop Head Peninsula in co. Clare. To give scale to these magnificent cliffs i have put 2 figures standing on the ledge.

This is a panoramic painting of one of the many bridges in Cork City. This painting was entered into a city scape exhibition last year and sold immediately.

This is another painting of the upper lakes , Killarney , in the autumn. It is currently on show at the Trinity Gallery in Dublin.

This is a painting of the upper lakes in Killarney that sold at the Trinity Art Gallery in Dublin.

This painting of the River Lee that flows through Cork City recently sold at the Lavit Gallery in Cork.

We recently stayed at Howth Harbour in Dublin which inspired this painting of the old fishing boats with lobster pots.

More Kinsale Harbour paintings.