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Roche Injury Clinic

The Springhill Clinic, Waterford rd., Kilkenny, Ireland
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Roche Injury Clinic uses the latest in scientific research to treat & rehab injuries of all origins.
S&C Specialist for PT or solo/team sports.
I am a multi-disciplined therapist with qualifications and a background in Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Massage, Sports Rehabilitation & Dry Needling. Having trained in the UK and graduating with 1st class honors, I gained a vast wealth of clinical and pitch-side experience from working in professional rugby with Sale Sharks R.F.C to working in the private physiotherapy sector with one of the leading company's in the north of England.  
I have a keen interest in human movement patterns that lead to injury and correcting them via a multi-discipline approach. Specializing in treatment of the underlying issues that cause you pain and disrupt everything from your day to day life to your sports performance.
Possessing a Higher Diploma from the N.S.C.A as a Certified Strength & Condition Specialist puts me in position to not only get you back from injury/pain but help you excel post injury.

Treatments include but not limited to-

Manual Therapy
-MSK Ultrasound
-High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC)
Myofascial Release (Trigger Point)
Spinal Manipulation
Movement Re-Education
Biomechanical Assessment
Posture Assessment
Strapping & Taping
Sports Massage

Holistic Massage
Dry Needling

Strength & Conditioning Classes
Sport Specific Fitness Training
S & C Program building
Personal Training
Pitch Side Cover

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