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South Beach Studios, Greystones, Ireland
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We believe in using modern scientific technique's to ensure Kids relax, learn to meditate and have fun.Mediation is a tool that they will have for life.  At KMM we are so passionate about bringing Mindfulness Meditation to Kids, start this experience and a way of life now,
Every child is unique and at KMM we love to work with each child's individual traits that makes them "Them". Join us and  Learn how to deal with anxiety / worry, a coping mechanism for life's little worries. Enhance concentration especially helping Kids who suffer from focus or hyperactivity. Form a bond and meet new friends, learn and play .A great way to enhance RHT(creative) brain thinking and allow the LHS(logical reasoning) to take a break just for a while.
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Teens Mindfulness program .. reservations closing Saturday. Pm or email or call now to reserve your place.

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Breathing bells and mind jars: Mindfulness comes to school

Fantastic article on mindfulness in schools

We can run programs in conjunction with schools in schools for entire classes. Pm for more information and how your school may wish to become more mindfully aware

.b Beditation - 3 of 8 by MiSP

Can you believe A study over 7 years from Oxford university recently showed the average teenager only gets 4 hours sleep a night due to rumination.. that is they mind continuing to worry and overthink even when they go to bed . This short bedtime mediation "Beditation" from MISP (Mindfulness in schools program) helps focus on the body bringing the attention away from thoughts.

.b Befriending the Difficult - 7 of 8 by MiSP ref .B by MISP...

Teens Mindfulness 8 week Program

Teens Mindfulness 8 week Program

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Its a great time for some new years mindful moments.. Your most positive moment every week in a jar, a random act of kindness and something you are grateful. I am seeing how many cam start the 2017 Mindful Moments jar.. Post your jar picture here and share your inspiration.

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How mindful are we in every day life. Really easy practices such as 4/11 breathing.... Breath in for 4 seconds focusing on the chest Breath out for 11 seconds Repeat for 5 cycles... During panic , nerves and fear adrenalin is pumped around our body. By slowing our heart rate with this breathworks excercise it helps our body stop producing adrenalin and releases endorphins. By fully focusing on your breath it helps prevents rumination . Another interesting article by #jonkabat-zinn #mindfulbreathing


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