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On this page I hope to offer articles that might be of use to clients, potential clients, colleagues, peers and any interested in art therapy & inner work. Ann-Marie Collins B.Ed., P.G.Dip. T, Deaf, M.A., MIACAT has worked in the areas of Education and Mental Health in Galway City for thirty years.
An Art Psychotherapist with a first class honours Master’s Degree, she has worked psychotherapeutically in the areas of Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Treatment, Primary and Post-primary Education, Training Centres for Adolescents and Cancer Care.
She has worked in private practice in Galway City since 2004.
Ann-Marie uses an art psychotherapy approach that is deeply influenced by psychoanalysis and depth psychology. She works with Adult, Child and Adolescent clients at her rooms at No.2 Devon Place and she works with groups in various settings. She is a trainer with Galway Counselling Studies and lectures part time on various programmes in NUIG.

Art Psychotherapy is a gentle but powerful psychotherapy which integrates the healing power of art-making and the exploration of images with the verbal psychotherapeutic process.
In this creative process, with the help of a professionally-trained therapist, conflicts are externalised, worked through and integrated. Neither artistic experience nor skills are required to undertake this therapy. All that is required is an openness to the process.
Art Psychotherapy, with the help of a skilled and caring therapist leads to deep understanding of one’s inner world, authentic healing and lasting change. The Art Psychotherapy process can be a deeply fulfilling and pleasurable experience.

People come to art Psychotherapy to deal with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, abuse, difficulties coping with life. People come for self-exploration and personal development.
Children and Adolescents come to Art Psychotherapy to work with developmental difficulties, attachment problems, childhood depression and anxiety, challenging behaviours, difficulties coping with family separations, bereavement and loss, self-esteem issues, sexual identity, struggles with bullying, self-harming, abuse and trauma.


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