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ad An Áit Eile is a not-for-profit cultural organisation that aims to take an autonomous, grassroots approach to the arts in the west of Ireland. Our mission is to foster and facilitate Galway's creative community by providing a locally run platform and marketplace for our city's musicians and artists. This means creating and developing a space within Galway city that will provide an alternative to the privately owned venue scene.

This space we envision will incorporate a social space with coffee, food and local crafts vendors, an independent record store, a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, educational space, classrooms, artists' studios, an art exhibition space and radical bookstore together with a comprehensive website which we hope will become an open and inclusive cultural resource for Galway City.

The revenue generated by these activities will allow us to sustain the space and help us to avoid the pitfalls associated with state-subsidies or grants. We hope that this autonomy will encourage an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach that will empower those involved to determine Galway's cultural future at a grassroots level. We believe that this form of local cultural engagement has the potential to affect real social change on a broader scale, and will allow us to forge a less precarious, more sustainable future for the arts in Ireland.

Our intention is for to be a cultural resource for Galway and the west of Ireland, shining a light on some of the amazing talent this part of the world has to offer and bringing to light some of the music, theatre, film, art and literature that may have been overlooked in the past.

We also aim for to be a platform for new work and the promotion of new projects.



Citóg continues it's free original music showcase in the Roisin Dubh tonight with Glimmermen, Slyrydes and Cailleach. Music starts at 9:15pm. Citóg: Glimmermen <3

Art and Its Many Worlds - Gianna Tasha Tomasso - AN ÁIT EILE

We are delighted and excited to welcome our new Art editor for, Gianna Tasha Tomasso. "I hope to take the most inclusive approach, welcoming input from as many facets of the Galway artistic community as possible. I hope to include regular updates on local, national and international opportunities. I am looking forward to having a close look at the many artists studios in the region for the Studio Project. Interviews, essays, events and information will feature over the coming months with a view to creating an online archive leading up to Galway 20/20 which will be a wealth of who is who and what is what in the art world within the region." <3

Profiles: Maximum Results - AN ÁIT EILE

Local independent gym Maximum Results had a stellar weekend at the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association (IDFPA) Single Lift Championships last weekend, winning 17 medals and creating 4 new national records. It was a phenomenal achievement but not without precedent. As we find out in this piece, Maximum Results has been quietly living up to its name for a couple of years now. <3

Connecting for Life Galway Mayo Roscommon Survey

"Connecting for Life is Ireland’s national strategy to reduce suicide 2015 – 2020. The HSE, in partnership with community, voluntary and statutory organisations, is developing a Suicide Prevention Action Plan for Counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. We want as many people as possible to have their say about what should be included in this plan. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your responses are anonymous." <3 (Irish version:

Interview: Sligo Poet Elaine Cosgrove's Firemen Waiting - AN ÁIT EILE

An interview with talented Sligo poet Elaine Cosgrove over on <3


"To celebrate our arrival in America I order a round of fireball whiskeys, a drink famously claimed to contain “excessive levels of propylene glycol,” an ingredient used in the deicing of airplanes. It thoroughly thaws us out anyways. Jay disappears into the night with a strange lady, I have a blazing row with my other half and Mosey wakes up in a strange van and has to be taken home by the police." The eagerly anticipated third installment of this great series from Farren Jecky. <3

FEAST Presents: VASA + Body Hound - AN ÁIT EILE

Looking for something to do tomorrow night? FEAST have a stellar lineup in the Roisin Dubh. <3

North by North West Vol. 3 - AN ÁIT EILE

Our new north west correspondent Robert Mulhern sat down with the maker of independent film Escape From Letterkenny, which is being screened in the Roisin Dubh next Tuesday. Escape from Letterkenny (Donegal Tuesday Special ) "It’s about breaking the shackles that hold you back by any means necessary, even if that means being a complete head case. It’s about standing up to your outer demon, literally. It’s about friendship. It’s about blossoming love. It’s about dodgy-looking drugs. It will wreck your head, in a good way. Or, at the very least, it will make you question what kind of God we have." Bill Hazzard (Narty Films)

The Black Gate Cultural Centre - AN ÁIT EILE

“We’re best friends since we were kids. The Black Gate actually was a place half way between our houses where we used to meet on the way to school – three roads converged – all sorts of people used to meet there on the way home from the pub or even just walking along the street they would stop and chat – it was our first meeting spot – it made sense to tie it in to a personal experience.” Get the low down on Galway's newest venue, The Black Gate Cultural Centre. <3

Citóg: Spats Colombo

Long running independent original music night Citóg returns to the Roisin Dubh tonight with Spats Colombo, Gráinne and the Blue Moods and The Gawley Brothers. <3

Citóg: Spats Colombo

Introspect: Little John Nee - AN ÁIT EILE

Once again we are privileged to present to you a Black Tongue exclusive. This is the second in "Introspect", a series of intimate and reflective sessions with some of Ireland’s most interesting creative minds. Here, in his own words, is the great little john nee... <3

An Áit Eile: That's How It Starts

In June 2015 An Áit Eile organised our first cultural festival called That’s How It Starts - a one day arts, craft and music event in Nuns Island Theatre. The aim of this event was to give an example of what An Áit Eile could provide for Galway city if given a physical space. We were delighted to partner with the Access Music Project Galway and Citóg Records for this event and were blessed to have performances from some of Galway's finest original musicians including Dylan Murphy Music, Majestic Bears, My Fellow Sponges, Rivers and Crows, Steven Sharpe, Tracy Bruen, Canaries, Boyfights and Oh Boland. Special thanks to Slip Jig Media for producing this short video about the day! For more info go to

An Áit Eile: That's How It Starts


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