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Awareness Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Ray Tonge - Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist Approaches used:
Humanistic and Integrative,  Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, bodywork.
Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, grief, Trauma, Abuse, Stress, Panic, Life direction, Fear, internal confusion, group work


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Men can be mentors for other men. Men who are able to talk personally about their lives and struggles, give others permission to do the same. Tell men how sharing your story with other men impacted on you, and hearing other men's stories helped you see that we are not alone. Open the door for your brothers with the chance they'll walk through walk through it with you!

Mental Health Awareness and Positive Mental Health

There is great liberation from your own inner doubts and criticisms if we take the risk and share our thoughts with someone. Our own fears of being seen can be so debilitating and we suffer in silence. I know I did for years! I urge you to take the risk. The courage it takes to be seen is the hardest but greats gift you'll ever give yourself. You may find that others might being going through or have gone through something similar. Even try to share your experiences here!

Mental Health Awareness and Positive Mental Health

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Really liking what this guys Gabor Maté has to say.

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Happy new year to you all. Hope the Christmas was a peaceful one for you. I'm back in the practice this week and I have been reflecting on this time of year, and how it can be a difficult time for lots of people. Christmas can be tough, and the prospect of the new year can bring its own challenges. I find myself contemplating my own life, figuring out what it is I want to let go of this year, and what changes I want to implement. I find this time of year a great time to be more conscious of the things I want to change, and this helps be more mindful throughout the rest of the year. I have some morning sessions available at the moment, if anyone would like to explore areas in their lives that is causing difficulty or want clarity on. If you would like to avail of a 30min consultation session (no charge) please contact me by phone or via website. I have a few videos on there that maybe of use to you also!

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From Rebel Stock – Dublin women’s fight for drug addicted generation


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