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Dublin Shell to Sea

Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, Off Gardiner St, Dublin 1, Dublin, Ireland
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Dublin Shell to Sea is the Dublin branch of the National Shell to Sea Campaign.  We meet on Tuesday nights in Seomra Spraoi, all welcome.Shell to Sea is an international non violent campaign, rooted in the Erris community


Solidarity Times - Free the Media, Be the Media

Solidarity Times - Free the Media, Be the Media

Shell to Sea activist Maura Harrington arrested in Mayo

Maura Harrington was arrested this afternoon, Fri 6th May, in Mayo and has been taken to Mountjoy Prison (Dochás Centre). Her arrest is on foot of outstanding S2S fines from a judgement a number of years back from the circuit criminal court. We are awaiting further details and S2S supporters were at Mountjoy prison earlier. Please show you support and solidarity by writing to Maura, supporting protests as they may arise and talking with friends, family other campaigning, political groups about the S2S campaign.

Shell to Sea will be assembling as part of Reclaim 1916 Commmemoration at 2PM tomorrow, Sun 24th April at Merrion Square, to march with Resources/Ownership Banner and Right 2 Water section of the commemoration. Maura Harrington has 9 Ogoni Crosses which she is asking supporters to help carry from Merrion Sq to the GPO on O'Connell street, there will be S2S banners etc too. Please message this page if you are available to carry crosses/banners, solidarity Dublin S2S

Environmental crisis, environmental struggles #DABF

The environmental crisis represents ‘one of the gravest and most severe existential threats to our species survival’. International agreements aimed at curbing fossil fuel emissions have largely been a failure, with the most recent Paris CoP21 conference labelled ‘a fraud and a fake’ by leading climatologist and activist James Hansen. Capitalism’s unrelenting assault on the natural environment has pushed us past the point of continuing any pretence of ‘safe carbon mitigation’. It is becoming more widely accepted that we now need a global restructuring of the economic mode of production; capitalism must be dissolved. This panel includes a speaker from the Leitrim Organic Farmers Cooperative – an Irish farming cooperative with a focus on agricultural sustainability. As well as being structured around cooperative modes of participation, the group advocates for organic agriculture and produces a quarterly newsletter on recent relevant events. We are also joined by Janet Biehl, a theorist and writer who has written on topics such as Social Ecology and Libertarian Municipalism, Ecofeminism, and the dynamics and threats posed by ‘Ecofascism’. Biehl is a supporter of the Kurdish rights movement. The Kurdish Worker’s Party have taken inspiration from work in which she was involved, notably Murray Bookchin’s theories of Social Ecology.

Environmental crisis, environmental struggles #DABF

Citizens' Centenary Commemoration Shell to Sea campaign will be commemorating the centenary of the rising with other citizens, activists etc on Sunday April 24th at the GPO. Please support and spread the word!

Citizens' Centenary Commemoration


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