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Mill Town, Convoy, Ireland
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TEAM NRG Fitness bringing you the ultimate in boot camp and group training experience opening 5th January 2015 Opening in January 2015 at Unit 17 Convoy Enterprise Center. The ultimate in bootcamp and group training experience. No matter the fitness level you are at, we will help and push you to reach your personal goals and objectives You will be trained by fully qualified instructors in a non competitive environment



Great work from the spinners this good session 💪 Class will go ahead in the morning but once again take extreme care on the roads if travelling or come along to the evening class at 6.30pm. See ya then Team NRG 💪

Good session with the spinners today not easy leaving the house in them conditions so well done and super effort at both classes 💪 Class IS GOING AHEAD in the morning just be careful anyone travelling but the good news is THE FULL ATTENDANCE DRAW will be cancelled for tomorrow we'll start it back Friday again 😊 And if you can't make it in the morning come ahead for the evening 6.30pm class there's no escaping it 😉 see you all then Team NRG 💪

Super work from both classes today great start to the week we'll done 👏👏 Few bikes available for Spin tomorrow evening (Tuesday) great session PM to book a bike. Team NRG 💪

Few Bikes available for 7pm spin this evening (thursday) €5 PAYG good session PM to book Team NRG 💪

Super work today good wee blast good stuff all 💪 The phone would like to apologise for it's first and last mistake of 2018 this morning😊 Well done to Emma McLaughlin who was drawn out at this morning class for the €35 voucher. Thank you all for entering yet again 👏 Still a chance to a FREE bootcamp this month keep up the full attendance for a chance to win see you all Friday. Team NRG 💪

Super turnout at today's classes, great to get back, good session, delighted to see everyone back at it and the new recruits welcome to Team NRG. Hats off to the morning warriors who ventured out in the freezing temperatures this morning to get a session in well done 👏 Apologies for not making the draw for the like and share comp at this evening's class with it being a busy class it completely left my mind it's my 1st and last mistake of 2018 but the draw will be made at Wednesday's class 😊🙈So for that extra push and motivation for this month DON'T MISS A SINGLE CLASS FROM WEDNESDAY FOR THE 4 WEEKS and enter a draw for a FREE bootcamp for Febuary. Excellent performance by both Classes today see you all Wednesday. Spinners back at it in the morning get the alarms set ⏰ Team NRG 💪

PRIMED AND READY TO GO!! Back at it tomorrow good solid 4 weeks training ahead 💪💪 Time to leave the excuses behind and follow up on the promises!! Tight frost this past few days but class is still ON in the morning so careful on the roads but anyone not travelling in the MORNING see you tomorrow EVENING. Draw for €35 voucher will be at class tomorrow 💪 NOW'S YOU'RE TIME TO SHINE!! Team NRG 💪

TIME TO HIT THE NEW YEAR GOALS!! Bootcamp Alpha 4 Kicks off next Monday 8th for 4 weeks. PRICE €35 STUDENTS £20 OR €5 PAYG. 4 Week SPIN block kicks off Tuesday 9th. PRICE €35 for 8 x classes or €5 PAYG. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Morning FULLY BOOKED but few bikes AVAILABLE for the 7pm EVENING classes. B/C and SPIN deals. BOOTCAMP AND 1 X EVENING SPIN P/W €50. HARDCORE UNLIMITED B/C and SPIN €60. Like share and tag to win a €35 voucher to use for all classes. Team NRG 💪

Great turnout at tonight's class. Nice wee blast to get us back in the zone 💪 Good to see all the familiar faces back and also a few new recruits hopefully enjoyed their first class 😊💪 Congrats to Patricia Wilson who won the free bootcamp at tonights class 👏 We back in action Monday the 8th hope to see everyone back at it again. The FREE spinning class on tomorrow eve 7pm a few bikes available PM to book. The like and share comp for €35 voucher will continue during the week so keep an eye out for that 😉 Well done everyone tonight good session Team NRG 💪

TIME TO HIT THE NEW YEAR GOALS!! BOOTCAMP Alpha 4 Kicks off next Monday 8th for 4 weeks. PRICE €35. STUDENTS €20. PAYG €5. We will be holding a registration and FREE class tomorrow eve (Wednesday 3rd) 6.30pm. We will be making a draw to win a FREE bootcamp for anyone who's at the class 💪 4 Week SPIN BLOCK Starts Tuesday 9th. PRICE €35. THE NEW EVENING TIME FOR SPINNING IS 7pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays). FREE SPINNING CLASS THIS THURSDAY EVE 7pm. PM to book a bike for classes. BOOTCAMP AND 1 x SPIN CLASS (per week) €50. HARDCORE UNLIMITED B/C & SPIN €60. Like share and tag to win a €35 voucher to use for all classes. Team NRG 💪

We would like to wish everyone a safe healthy and prosperous 2018. We will be holding a free bootcamp class on Wednesday evening usual time half 6. We will make a draw for a free bootcamp for everyone who is at the class on Wednesday evening so make sure you're there for a chance to win. There will also be a free spinning class Thursday evening at 7pm so PM anyone looking for a bike. The 4 week bootcamp block kick off next Monday 8th and spinning Tuesday 9th and keep an eye for a like and share comp later in the week. Have a great night 😊🍸🍾. Team NRG 💪

CHARITY CLASS FOR MIKAELA at half 6 this evening. (Thursday) Great chance to get a workout done before the New Year badness while supporting this great cause 💪 €5. Don't forget to tag and share thanks Team NRG


The best way to start your week is with a workout 🤸🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🎽 x #workout #positivevibes #positive #monday #underarmour #addidas #platinumhairextensions

The best way to start your week is with a workout 🤸🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🎽 x
#workout #positivevibes #positive #monday #underarmour #addidas #platinumhairextensions

The weak need to be lead.. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ #bodypositive #fitness #teamnrg

The weak need to be lead.. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
#bodypositive #fitness #teamnrg

Bootcamp booty 🍑🍑🍑 X

Bootcamp booty 🍑🍑🍑 X

Eat, sleep, train repeat 👸🏼💅🏾💪🏽 X

Eat, sleep, train repeat 👸🏼💅🏾💪🏽 X


Eat, sleep, train repeat 👸🏼💅🏾💪🏽 X