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Horan's Health Store Cashel

29 Main Street, Cashel, Ireland
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Horan's Health Stores is an Irish owned company since 1988 with 13 Stores in the Munster Area


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Have you dry, irritated eyes? 😫 Show your eyes some love with A.Vogel Herbal Remedies Ireland Extra Moisturising Eye Drops 👀 They provide quick, intensive moisturisation of the eye surface, helping to soothe & maintain lubrication of the eye🌟 #EyeLOVE Suitable for Contact lense wearers✅ Vegetarians & vegans ✅ #triedandtested #AVogel #HoransHealthStores #EYELOVE #Eyes #Vegan #Contactlens

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of our favourite body creams here at Horan’s Healthstores! Dr. Hauschka products are available at your local Horan’s Healthstore! If you would like further details on this brand please call in & we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 💛 #LaurasViews #DrHauschka #drySkin #horanshealthstores

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@AimeeConnollyMU features the amazing @TrilogyProductsIreland Rosehip Oil this week in her @SundayWorldMag Beauty with Aimee Connolly piece. She says “Trilogy Rosehip Oil is so versatile as you can mix it into your moisturiser or foundation or press a few drops onto clean skin” 💕 So true! Did you know that @horanshealthstores stock @TrilogyProductsIreland! #AimeeConnolly #SculptedbyAimeeConnolly #TrilogyProducts #SundayWorld #HoransHealthStores


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