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Aleida's Pet Hotel & Kennels

Church Road, Staplestown, Carlow, Ireland



Home from home for your precious pet! About Aleida’s

Aleida's Pet Hotel is a family-run pet hotel situated in secure and spacious countryside near Carlow town in the sunny South-East of Ireland. It was set up by Aleida with the help and support of her family who all like to help out and get involved. We offer a home from home environment for your pets ensuring both you and them a stress free and enjoyable experience. Think of us as friends looking after your pets while you are away. We are big animal lovers and like to spoil them!!

The pets we look after stay indoors with us in our home, enjoy our gardens, make friends, have lots of playtime and receive all the love and attention as if they were our own. We also have doggie daycare - think crèche for dogs!

All pets are taken out for exercise and playtime regularly throughout the day. We’re all about fun and ensuring your pets are happy during their stay. We adhere to people's instructions regarding their pets' normal routine, feeding/diet and any extra requirements e.g medication administration. Owner's must provide their pet's food/ normal diet as this will avoid any upset tummies or digestive sensitivities. Please inform us of any allergies your pet may have.

Arrange A Visit

You know your pets best! And when you make an enquiry we like to get as much information as possible. After all, they are like people and individuals with their own personalities. Cats and small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. are given plenty of care and attention to minimise stress whilst in the safety of their own enclosure. Dogs require more exercise and stimulation. That being said, the service we provide may not be suitable for all dogs i.e. if they suffer from extreme separation anxiety/ aggression or anti-social behaviour/ persistent or loud barking/ are not neutered/ are escape artists or can jump fences like Shergar.

So we ask people to arrange a visit day where your dog can stay with us for a few hours to assess their suitability for Aleida's Pet Hotel and also for you to assess the suitability of Aleida's Pet Hotel for your dog. The additional benefit of the visit day gives your dog the opportunity to get to know a new environment, new people and new furry friends by taking a "baby steps" approach to minimise stress. It also has a positive psychological affect particularly for dogs with a rescue/adoption background knowing their person/people will come back for them once the few hours visit is up. Please contact us to arrange a visit or for more info!

A Little Heads-Up

Aleida's Pet Hotel is all about creating a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for you and your pets. In order to give you the best experience possible we have some "House Rules" to ensure your pet's health, safety and well-being:

**Male dogs must be neutered and female dogs must not be in or around a heat cycle during their stay with us.**

**Your pets are your responsibility and proof of vaccination records must be presented prior to arrival including annual boosters and the kennel cough vaccine for dogs. Please ensure your pet has received their inoculations at least one week in advance of arrival.**

**All new dog guests must have a visit day with us prior to any booking for holidays or daycare.**

**In the unlikely event of any aggressive/anti-social behaviour resulting in damage to themselves, people or other pets; destruction of property; or attempts of escape occur at Aleida's Pet Hotel either during a visit day or during their stay with us, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and request your pet be collected from the property with immediate effect.**



Winter fun ☃️🎄🐾

Winter fun ☃️🎄🐾

We need this in Ireland too😍🙏🏼

🐾🎄🛁Hey guys, Just to let you know we have some grooming appointments available for the month of December. One less thing to think about in the run-up to Christmas 🐕🎅

🎄☃️🎄Christmas Opening Times & Rates 🎄☃️🎄 Hey guys, Can't believe it's that time of year again...where has 2017 gone 😳💁 Just a quick one to say we are open for our lovely guests to join us for the Christmas holidays. I'm getting lots of bookings and enquiries about various dates so I wanted to post this to confirm times and dates where we will be closed etc and if people could pass it on to anyone they know who may not have the Facebook page that would be super. The week running up to Christmas will be open as normal especially for daycares with people working or needing to pop out for Christmas shopping or getting the house decorated and ready so that's Monday 18 Dec - Saturday 23 Dec 8.30am-6pm Christmas Eve (24 Dec) and New Year's Eve (31 Dec) fall on a Sunday this year so instead of our normal 4-5pm it will be 11am-2pm for anyone wishing to drop-off or collect on these days only Christmas Day (25 Dec), Stephen's Day (26 Dec) and New Year's Day (1 Jan) will be closed for drop-offs or pick-ups The other in-between days will be as normal. That's Wednesday 27 Dec - Saturday 30 Dec 8.30am - 6pm and from Tuesday 2 Jan onwards back to normal. Hopefully that's clear enough 😅 but if anyone is unsure just give me a shout. And as I said all our guests will be staying during Christmas, we will only be closed for anyone coming or going on those days and times mentioned above. The nights of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve will be €20 per guest per night. The other nights will be the usual €15 rate. I will also be making up nice Christmas dinner and treats for any guests staying for the holidays because they deserve to celebrate Christmas too 😋so please inform us if your pet has any food allergies etc. Just a note to make sure your pets are up-to-date with all vaccinations, neutered and have not had any illnesses or vets visits within a week prior to arriving. If your pet is on medication (for example arthritis or diabetes) it is no problem to administer this if you can clearly write out the dosage and instructions. You know your everyone is welcome to bring along whatever bits and pieces they like, a bed/blanket with their home smells, toys, bowls, their food and proof of vaccinations. It's a good idea to put your pets belongings in a bag with their name clearly labelled on it. If you wish you could write a little note of instructions for feeding, what your pet likes/dislikes, etc. Thanks a mill and we look forward to seeing you all soon ☃️🐾

One for the Christmas wish list 💫🙏🏼✨

Archie enjoying lots of cuddles for his 2nd birthday 🎉 Happy Birthday Archie 💙

Thank you so much Aine and family for the gorgeous flowers. Really thoughtful of you guys. We are missing Riley lots here 😭 can't wait to have him back again 💙


These days are ours 🐶🐾❤️




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