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Luxury, vegetable-tanned leather handbags featuring vintage images of the real J.Berg.                          For purchase go to: Jo Berg was a woman all about adventure, vitality, exploration, and elegance. Exploring the world and it's many cultures, turning dreams into realities, and with a passion for experiencing  every facet of life.
She is the inspiration behind JBergBags. We hope to embody in every piece, the class, poise, imagination and strength that is Jo Berg.

JBerg Bags use only the highest grade, vegetable tanned leathers, creating a unique tone and texture. The technique of vegetable tanning utilises tannins and extracts from tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots.  This process eliminates the need for the harsh chemicals more commonly used in tanning leather. The end result is a product with a natural elegance that is only enhanced with age.  Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term for appreciating the unique beauty of aged things.  In English  we say that things  of quality only get better with time.



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