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1st Floor 27 Main St, Bray, Bray, Ireland
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Keeping people informed on the work of our Bray councillors,
Michael O'Connor and Oliver O'Brien. Also John Brady TD.  You can contact our BraySinn Féin team:

John Brady TD, 01-2762623

Cllr Michael O'Connor: 0831298821

Cllr Oliver O'Brien: 0871420586

or drop into the constituency office:
1st Floor, 27 Main St
Open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm


Bertie Ahern is the comeback kid in perfect time

Here is the perfect reminder that the corrupt, conservative and right-wing Fianna Fail have not changed at all. They continue to exist for the benefit of the powerful in this state. The perfect reminder of this is their invitation to Mr Ahern whose neo-liberalist economic policies caused the crash in the first place - Cllr. Michael O'Connor.

Flood Insurance Bill 2016

Speaking on the Flood Insurance Bill in Leinster House on Tuesday John raised the fact that residents and business owners in Bray and Arklow cant get insurance cover because of the risk of flooding. He also called on the Minister to personally intervene to stop any development on the Dargle River floodplain on the old Bray Golf Club lands.

Sinn Féin Ireland

Gerry Adams paying tribute to Comrade Fidel. Viva Fidel - Cllr. Michael O'Connor.

The Future of the Peoples Park, Little Bray

Bray Sinn Féin have organised a public meeting to discuss the future of the Peoples Park in Little Bray. There is a lot of concern about plans the council have or may be working on. Its critical that the residents are consulted on what they want to see happen in the park and that those views are respected. This is a fantastic public amenity that has been neglected by the council for far too long. Come along and have your say on our park. Please share and inform your friends and neighbours.

The Future of the Peoples Park, Little Bray

Sinn Féin’s John Brady votes against pay rise for politicians

We should have more TDs with principals like John Brady - Cllr. Michael O'Connor

Stephen Donnelly lukewarm on water ownership referendum

Stephen Donnelly should try to make up his mind where he stands and stop trying to be friends with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael - Cllr. Michael O'Connor

Bray Sinn Fein

Bray Sinn Fein

Anti-HPV vaccine campaign will cause 40 deaths - O’Connell

I would urge anyone who has concerns about this vaccine to speak to a doctor. This vaccine IS NOT dangerous. It saves the lives of young girls - Cllr. Michael O'Connor.

Clamping in Bray is forcing locals and shoppers from the town

Cllr Michael O'Connor slams the operation of clamping in Bray and says its forcing people from the town.

Sinn Féin Ireland

Sinn Féin Ireland

The Ragged Trousered Philanderer

Tony Benn making a very good point - Cllr. Michael O'Connor.

The Ragged Trousered Philanderer

Sinn Féin Ireland

Today John launched our 'Valuing Older People' proposals as part of our alternative budget. You can find out more at


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