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Blanchardstown Traveller Development Group

Unit 4 Block D Bymac Centre, Northwest Business Park,, Blanchardstown, Ireland
Community Organization



Blanchardstown Traveller Development group is a community development organisation  Blanchardstown Traveller Development Group is a community development organisation which is a joint initiative between members of the Traveller and settled communities.
The Project aims to promote the welfare and human rights of the Travellers and to combat social exclusion faced by Travellers in Dublin 15. we also aim to provide opportunities for Travellers to improve their education and training skills while supporting Travellers to live as equal citizens of the state.
The journey of the Blanchardstown Travellers Development Group started 1992 when it was set up initially by local Travellers and settled people in response to the negative treatment of Travellers within the local area in relation to accommodation and other issues.


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