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4A Seafield House, Seafield Park, Blackrock, Ireland
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Physical Therapy & Massage from Karen Doyle Ph.ThPhysical Therapy combines soft tissue techniques, mobilisations, and rehabilitation exercises for effective treatment of muscle and joint pain.Member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists


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New post.....simple ways to relieve neck exercise mat required.

New post.....simple ways to relieve neck exercise mat required.

Reducing Risk of Growth Plate Fractures in Youth Climbers | Training For Climbing - by Eric Hörst

This is a really good easy to read overview of finger injury in teenagers aged 12-16. If you work with or train young climbers check it out.

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Friday feelgood for the sporty infographic on the heath benefits of sport from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. If you play tennis or are a squash player you've extra reasons to feel good!

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I've a new post on tight forearms...different types of tight forearms and some self massage for them. Check it out here and maybe share with a friend

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New Zealand IRB RWC 2011 Captain's Run

Dan Carters autobiography has some interesting reflections on injury which I think many of us can relate to regardless of our level of sports participation. ".... my body sometimes felt like it was entirely composed of niggles. One perched upon the next, linking my bones and muscles into a web of old injuries, full of the kind of workarounds your body makes when one part of it isn't functioning as it should" His book is an interesting read, particularly the chapter on accumulation of injury and the mental challenges that it brought him.

Finger and wrist strength deficits in climbers - Maple Clinic

I've a new blog post on finger and wrist strength deficits in climbers and how to avoid them. Check it out here

The Elephant in the Climbing Gym –

Am interesting blog from a climbing instructor on how injuries can occur in climbers. Worth a read.

Climbing finger pulley crimp or not to crimp?

I attended the BMC climbing injury symposium in Nov 16 and there was some really interesting information presented. I followed up a lot of the research presented and have written a blog about pulley injuries and the research behind the cause of injury - the CRIMP! I've tried to write the blog in non-technical language. Check it out. All feedback welcome.

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Here's an interesting info-graphic on the health benefits of playing golf from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Check it might surprise you how beneficial a round could be. Share this info with your golfing friends! Original picture here

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It’s all downhill from 38: why ageing is not just for the old

A good read. Friends, exercises and taking responsibility for your health are all key to healthy aging!

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Nice start to the week :-)

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Feeling old now that you are in your 30's??? Maybe you have reason to. A study of over 2000 runners in the U.S. found that the average age to be afflicted by one of the 10 ten most common running injuries was in your 30's. Interested? Read more here:

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