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The Hawthorns Killala Road, Ballina, Ireland
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Birth trauma , and the impact it can have on newborns ,  .birth is the most arduous journey we undertake ....babies can tell their story ...I listen   Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on therapy where the Therapist works with fascia(connective tissue) nervous system, organs,muscles,spine cranium and sacrum . During a session the therapist  tunes into the "craniosacral rhythm". The therapy originated from Osteopathy ,however we do not manipulate or adjust ,we listen with our hands to what the body wants and always go at the Client's pace. There are no side effects, so it is particularly useful for babies and children.My background is Nursing and I worked for 9yrs with people on the Autistic spectrum.It is a joy to see people actively take part in their own recovery and for me to be a part of that is a privilege . I am no longer taking Adults as new Clients , I intend to focus on babies , children and people with special needs from July 2017


Been a while and I'm on a mission ...although any Parent out there is fully entitled to disagree ..this is only MY opinion . Perhaps it will generate a meaningful discussion ! Ask your own Parents about the gadgets and baby accessories they had for you when you were a babe , most if you are around my age (ok much younger !) will have had the pleasure of bottles or breast a soother a playpen and the floor (which may not have been scrupulously clean either) . We didn't have baby hammocks or cocoons or walkers or sitty up chairs when babes are not supposed to be sitting up ! A bath was the kitchen sink until we got too big for it and we played with whatever was at hand as long as it wasn't dangerous . We learned to explore and share and fight our battles and take turns without some expensive toy .We developed our own toy which was limitless ...our imagination . We rarely saw television but were subjected to many types of music from the radio or record player . Babies are born with reflexes which are primitive they are linked to babies grow they integrate and lose these reflexes at different stages ..they need to experience them to develope a healthy nervous system . There have been many studies done on retained reflexes in babies and the effect this can have on children adolescents and adults . Birth trauma can lead to retainment ...however I would suggest as well as having cranio sessions to help with trauma ...please please put your babies on floor ..tummy time ..allow them this space to develope and fully integrate . No need for expensive gadgets ...they need a safe secure environment, starting on floor a safe space to explore ..human interaction a lot of the time... although it is good that a child learns to amuse themselves too.Here are some links read at your leisure

Directions: Coming from Sligo At junction coming into Ballina you have to cross the bridge in the right hand lane, Stay in right until you get to other side and go into left lane ,be careful there are two pedestrian crossings. Coming off the bridge you will see County Council offices on your right and then a mini roundabout. indicate right so that Dunne stores is on your right . You will reach another mini roundabout go straight through, you will pass Centra on your right. Keep going to another mini roundabout and indicate that you are turning right onto the Killala road. Heading towards Killala you will see Costcutters on your left, further on an Esso garage on your right. Next a Fireplace centre on your turn after this into the left is into the Hawthorns Estate ,stone wall entrance , name plate on wall. I am the first house on your left .dormer bungalow as in photo , I do my sessions in the Cabin. You can park car in driveway . Directions coming from Foxford. Coming into Ballina at first set of lights go into right lane. Go straight through and get into left lane to next set of lights.Straight through you will pass Fire station on your right keep going to mini roundabout.Go straight through and you are on the Killala Rd. Heading towards Killala you will see Costcutters on your left, further on an Esso garage on your right. Next a Fireplace centre on your turn after this into the left is into the Hawthorns Estate ,stone wall entrance , name plate on wall. I am the first house on your left .dormer bungalow as in photo , I do my sessions in the Cabin. You can park car in driveway .

It feels like we were living in a parallel world since the 8th of has been tough ...exhausting ..and a very scary time . Jenny finally discharged from Hospital last friday . We learned a lot about ourselves about Jenny and about different medical conditions . Jen couldn't eat for nearly five weeks , when the cause of her illness finally cleared we were then into what is known as re feeding syndrome ...where the body can react badly to food being introduced..her electrolytes were all over the place ....she lost over 22lbs in weight. She had to learn how to use her tongue and swallowing muscles all over again . She is so much better but still very weak while upright and walking . While Castlebar hospital responded as best they could during a flu crisis it amazes me for a county it's size that they have no ENT service apart from a Consultant visiting one day a week ...and recommended proceedures being carried out in Galway !....We headed to Sligo and I can honestly say the professionalism and dedication we encountered was so heartening ...they wanted to do their very best for Jenny . Many thanks for all the prayers, candles lit , good vibes texts messages ...they were so appreciated ! Family are so important at a time like this many thanks to Maggie Valerie Mairtin Noelle Francis Maria Eammon and my own Mother for holding the fort ! I am hoping to be back to work next week I suppose anyone that contacted me for sessions after xmas and have got sorted in meantime can you let me know ...after that I will have to start with the babies and work on from there .......again thanks so much everybody xx Photo is of Jenny leaving hospital ...with 2 of the best gang of Nurses I ever met ...and I worked with many Nurses !

Big thank you for all the support and well wishes .....unfortunately Jenny my Daughter has been admitted to Sligo General now with Hypernatraemia . She had spent a week in another hospital but hadn't made any progress. Hopefully now will be the turning point . I'm sorry to everyone trying to contact me ...but I'm not in a good place right now ....would be of no use to anyone ...will let you know when I'm back ...but my priority has to be my Jenny right now ....thanks people xx

People ....I'm off the air for awhile don't really need to be around me right now ...and my Daughter Jenny has been hospitalised with the virus as well ....will let you know when its safe in this zone !

Would really welcome 5 mins of your time.........Good or not so good ...please be honest and give your opinion ....thanks so much

THE FACT ACT........" by 2019 we can try to make a real difference to the laws that allow dangerous quacks to practice with impunity. There are too many unscrupulous people out there, looking to prey on the vulnerable, taking their money and promising to ‘heal’, or to ‘cure’ illnesses with completely bogus ‘treatments’ that at best do nothing, and at worst can result in poisoning, adverse drug reactions or even death. " This bill is being brought to the "house" to be passed .......apparently anybody who doesn't practice "medicine" is known to be "alternative " or worse a "quack"....I believe there are chancers in both ...I also have a huge dislike of the word "alternative" I prefer complimentary that the 2 sides can work together in the interest of the patient client......if this bill passes it could mean that people like homeopaths chiropracters craniosacral therapists could be stopped "because we haven't the evidence/finance to support our results ...good and bad ! I think everyone should be open to scrutiny and learn ! Would page followers who have come to me be interested in filling our a detailed questionnaire about your experience good and bad about the service I provide ...I really would welcome praise as well as constructive criticism

Hi Folks .....over the next day or 2 I will be texting people who texted me/messaged me for sessions ...bear with me Family and I went through a rough time over Christmas ...our Mother nearly left us but she is recovering slowly .....please I may not be able to offer weekend sessions to everybody with kids , so maybe you could give your kids a morning off school to attend ?...I do try my best to accommodate people ...but so many waiting now .....thanks again for being so understanding ...get back as soon as you can re confirming session time and date that I send you ....and a Happy New Year to you all !

Happy New year to all that check in on my page , I'm grateful for all the support especially when things have got rough ...I look forward to helping you if I can in 2018, “Count it all joy, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” (James 1:2-4) (Patron Saint of Therapists )

People ....only 2 weeks left til Christmas eve .....there is now 470 euro in the pot! I really hate having to put these reminder posts up but I am imploring you to to donate 5 euro or more for a chance to win 5 free Craniosacral sessions . It was lovely to open my email this morning and see that others had donated ...thank you so much ...keep sharing......

Everybody ... there is 350.00 euro in the fund ...just want to say a big thank you to all who have donated far!Please tell your friends , mothers to be, or anyone who you think might benefit from 5 free craniosacral sessions . Its an opportunity not to be missed as already I am booked out til beginning of Feb 2018 ....but have 5 sessions pencilled in for the winner ...keep spreading the word and again thank you so much !



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