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海逸皇宮大酒樓 The Laguna Palace Restaurant

紅磡海逸道8號海逸坊1樓, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
Cantonese Restaurant



Chinese restaurant, located in Hung Hom, we specialize in dim sum and Cantonese cuisine.



晚飯優惠,選擇眾多, 價錢便宜,服務街坊! 訂座熱線: 2730 7111

一年一度嘅蛇宴又到啦! 01/12/2017 (星期五) 🐍 🐍 🐍 現場樂隊表演 🎶 🎼 ,舞蛇表演 🐍 💃 ,同埋蛇酒現場品嚐及特價售賣 🍷 💵 ! 歡迎各位貴客以特別優惠價訂座光臨!

一年一度嘅蛇宴又到啦! 01/12/2017 (星期五) 🐍 🐍 🐍 現場樂隊表演 🎶 🎼 ,舞蛇表演 🐍 💃 ,同埋蛇酒現場品嚐及特價售賣 🍷 💵 ! 歡迎各位貴客以特別優惠價訂座光臨!



受鄰近台灣颱風影響,今日我哋天氣好熱,空氣污染又嚴重!各位貴客要盡量留係屋企呀。又或者可以來我哋酒樓飲番杯靚茶,涼一下免費冷氣,食個優惠下午茶!多謝各位賞面 ! Because of a nearby tropical storm in Typhoon, Hong Kong is very hot and air quality is not good. Fellow guests should try to stay at home, or come to our Restaurant for a nice cup of tea, free air-conditioning and a good value afternoon tea! We will always welcome you!

We are live on "HKTVMall" and "Hokobuy by Groupon" now. Get your amazing deal, save more while still enjoying good quality Chinese food in the Laguna Palace Restaurant! Purchase your deal now, gather family and friends and enjoy your meal! 海逸皇宮大酒樓依家係 "HKTVMall" x "Hokobuy by Groupon" 網上有得買啦! 仲唔快啲上網團購?我哋提供震撼優惠價錢!你既節省更多又可以嚟享受優質豐富嘅美食!快啲約定親朋好友開餐啦! Reservation Hotline 預約專線: 2730 7111

現在晚飯特別優惠! 新鮮上湯焗加拿大龍蝦只係每隻$118!!! 仲唔快啲同埋啲親朋好友你試吓? 優惠期有限!要試就快啲嚟啦! 圖片只供參考 優惠期有限,請與店員查詢覆實 有限供應,賣完即止 海逸皇宮大酒樓保留最終決定權 (English) Canadian Lobsters, steamed with soup base, only HKD118! Come with your friends and family and enjoy! Limited duration of supply, so come quick before it runs out! The photo is for reference only. Please check with staff if still have stock. Limited supply, finish once all sold out. Laguna Palace Restaurant reserves right of interpretation of terms should dispute arise.



母親節快到了,快跟親愛的媽媽來吃一餐好的! 優惠套餐,海逸皇宮大酒樓歡迎你! 預約專線: 2730 7111


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