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Professional Slackline Team. Slackline & Highline - Show & Event - Film & Photography
Slackline Shop: Slackline & Highline - Our favourite discipline is "highlining" because we love the mountains and being in the nature as well as experiencing ourselves. We set world record for the longest highline (once 140m) and waterline (once 160m) as well as record for longest slackline on polyester (once 340m). Visit to have a deeper view in what we do!
What started as a hobby bacame an obsession and profession. Since August 2013 we sell high quality slackline equippment for the dedicated slackliner. On you can find all our products.
We also offer slackline & highline workshops and you can book us for a slackline/highline show for your company or event. Contact us at!


Day one of our next big project !!! Everyone is super motivated to make this year long dream finally happen. Guess where it is ?! Team: Alexander Schulz Slackliner Lyell Grunberg - Swiss Slackliner Valentin Rapp Film / Photo Luis depping Clemens Augustin STUBAI Bergsport DACHSTEIN - Mountaineering since 1925 PROTREK Leatherman Ledlenser Ticket To The Moon #liveyourdream #protrek #facethedarkness #ledlenser #ForRealLife #leathermandeutschland #dachsteinschuhe #uniquesteps #slackline #slacklining #slacklife #highline #highlining #highaltitude #high #altitude

The international trickline competition in Campeche was a blast! Here Moritz Hamberger was testing the lines and showing some cool moves on the lines. Campeche has an incredible beautiful city center and we could rig the lines on UNESCO world heritage buildings. Hopefully we can set up more of these cool events! #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura #HighTrickline #Trickline Altius Events Gibbon Slacklines Picture: Vale Rapp

Result of the Campeonato mundial de Slackline in Campeche: 1st Mickey Wilson 2nd FilipOleksik 3rd Itsuki Hosoe What a great show!!! Thanks to all the atheletes for the spectacular tricks and action! Thanks everybody involved, always a pleasure to work with a great team like Altius Events! #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura

These are just two of the anchors that we needed to build for the tricklines. Definitely our most complicated setup so far but it was absolutely necessary to make it safe and leave no traces at these buildings which are UNESCO world heritage. Another problem are the angles of the lines, which leads aswell to a sideways distribution of the loads. Furthermore we needed to distribute the forces to the maximum surface as possible. With a lot of mexican improvisation and a great team we managed to finish these bomber anchors in time :-) Altius Events #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura #BomberAnchors

A little threesome on the lines during the training session in Campeche! ;-) Tomorrow at 4pm the finals!

Training session started in Campeche!

Finishing the last details and putting maximum power on the Gibbon Slacklines with the trick LineGrip Corp. Ltd. and Anaconda. By the way, the rigging was pretty complicated regarding the anchors, we will upload some photos soon. Altius Events #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura

Bienvenidos a Campeche (Stadt)! The high tricklines are rigged and first training session will start today! #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura Altius Events

Mexican food is definitly one of the reasons why we love that country so much! Little stopover in Mexico City and in an couple of hours catching the plane to Campeche :-) #VisitMexico #UnMundoDeAventura

Mexico here we come!! #visitmexico #UnMundoDeAventura

The premiere of the film about the urban world record line in Mexico City is happening these days! We can`t wait to see it and share it with you. It is first displayed on a film festival and once it is online to watch we let you know :) And another Mexico trip is happening very soon! Stay tuned for some more infos

At the Iranian's project at Mt. Sabalan Alexander Schulz Slackliner was filming mostly by himself for the first time. This first video by him is worth to watch - Enjoy the flight! (Re-Upload due to wrong info about world's highest lake) :) Line facts: name: Porticulos length: 68m altitude: ~4760 masl height above water: ~8m send date: Sept. 10th 2017 sent by: Mahmod Nabian, Sia Siavash, Hamed Mehrjoo & Alexander Schulz Slackliner Thx to the other involved friends for rigging & walking: Temet Line, Mohammad Reza Abaee, Armin Asadi, Mojtaba Afarin & Aram Bakhshesh (cook & photographer) The story: Alex has been invited to Iran by Mahmod Nabian to join him & his friends for their 2 high altitude projects. The first one was this mid-waterline over the volcanic glacier lake of Mt. Sabalan at 4760 MASL. This was the highest located slackline over waters, so one might call it a world record if one likes to. ;) Anyways, we can gratulate 4 of the well-prepared group for sending the 68m long mid-waterline (including Alex). He is glad to have been able to take part in this last training before the iranians big project at their highest peak - a 100m long highline at Mount Damavand which is located 5600 masl. It is their dream since 3 years already and did finally happen two days ago... more details & pics the next days! :) The great music is from Nym, the song is called "Yeocomico" from their newest album "Lilac Chaser" which can be listened and downloaded here: Drone shots by Alexander Schulz Slackliner from One Inch Dreams and Mohammad Reza Abaeee Thanks to the sponsors that support us with great gear to fullfill our Dreams :-) STUBAI Bergsport DACHSTEIN - Mountaineering since 1925 CASIO PRO TREK Leatherman Deutschland Cébé Ledlenser #oneinchdreams #liveyourdream #protrek #ForRealLife #dachsteinschuhe #uniquesteps #slackline #slacklining #slacklife #highline #highlining #temetline #slackvillage #highaltitude #high #altitude #waterline #waterlining #worldrecord #slacklineworldrecord #slacklinerecord