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The 13th Eurokonstantia will take place from May, 31st to June,04th 2018 in Konstanz/ Germany.
It's up to 1000 students from all over the world. Join us! Eurokonstantia - The better way to play!   

Since 2006 and in succession the international sports tournament of the University of Konstanz takes place.
It's up to 1000 students from German and international university teams to compete either in Basketball, Beachvolleyball, Cheerleading, Football, Handball, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis or  Volleyball and keep to the truth spirit of sport.

Beside the many competitions there will be a huge variety of activities such as WelcomeNight, RockNight and a special ClubNight...

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in participation.



The international sports tournament Eurokonstantia, hosted by the Hochschulsport Konstanz of the Universität Konstanz, will take place for another year in succession. Are you and your team ready to join us and compete with international universities from Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Northern Africa? There will be more than just sports, of course: free time activities such as the WelcomeNight, RockNight and ClubNight – including unforgettable memories and new friends … Serious competions: Basketball, Beachvolleyball, Football (6-a-side), Handball, Rugby (7-a-side), Table tennis, Tennis and Volleyball Additional/ new sports: Beach-Handball, Cheerleading, HEADIS, Skateboarding and a suprising FunEvent.

Fundstück der Woche: IUBH Barbarians & Barbarinas Da ist das Ding: gut gelagert und abgehangen in den weiten Kellern der Universitätssporthalle der Universität Konstanz - hier geht fast nix verloren! Lasst uns eine Postadresse zukommen und der Trikotsatz findet den Weg zurück zu euch. Der kleine EurOtter passt solange gut auf ihn auf 😀 Rugby Club Tübingen e.V. Karlsruhe Rugby Stuttgarter Rugby Club e.V. Hochschulsport Konstanz Hochschulsport Münster Hochschulsport Universität Ulm

Hey guys! HERE ARE ALL TEAM PICTURES we took during the Eurokonstantia! We´re sorry it took us longer than expected to share your glorious team pictures! See you all next year! #EK17 #betterwaytoplay With support form Genuss-Fotografie

After an amazing torunament it was our pleasure to celebrate our last evening together in Konstanz newest Club "Grey"! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again next year! With support of Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay #partypeople #play_together #work_together #celebrate_together

Congrats to all winners and fairwell to all our new friends! We hope everyone had fun, we did for sure! You guys made a lasting impression and here are some of the best moments! See you all next year! Support by Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay #play_together #celebrate_together #work_together #memories #friendship

This was truly a great experience and one of our favorites memories ! Thank you Headis for being there! We had a lot of fun! Give it up to all our Headis contestants and congratulations to all finalists and the champion! Support by Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay #Headis

Get ready to rumble! Here are some lasting impressions of the fun volleyball final matches we saw on Saturday! #Throwback with great support of our firned Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay

Congratulations to all our finalists and our new champions! It was really something to watch you play! With friendly support of Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay

We are so appreciative of all the talented and athletic people who joined us this year! Tennis is also an important part of our tournament! If you didn´t see their matches you missed out! Congratulations to all finalists of our tennis matches! Support by Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay

We are totally impressed by all rugby teams that attended the Eurokonstantia 2017! You guys are brutal and we look forward to see you playing again! Your game was top-notch and we never ever wanna be in a fight with you :D Support by Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay

The handball teams which competed in the final matches were grand! We are in awe of those great athletes! Support by Genuss-Fotografie #EK17 #betterwaytoplay


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