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Welcome to the official Continental page on Facebook. We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable, more sustainable! Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2016, Continental generated sales of €40.5 billion and currently employs more than 227,000 people in 56 countries.



ARTWORK // Taking on March at full speed: 12 cylinders, from 0 to 100 in incredible 3,2 seconds and a 850 PS engine - as you can see, the Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution by Edo Competition Motorsport - the official site has all it takes to be featured as the motif of the month in our tuning calendar. To top it all off, the luscious-shiny yellow super sports car is extremely competitive worldwide when it comes to pricing and a dynamic driving experience. #Continental #Artwork #Tuning #Ferrari #MakingMobility

PRODUCT // The Continental SportContact 6 has been labeled with the top ratings "Exemplary" and "Highest Efficiency Level" by AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS. The all-round talent convinces with precise steering and a sporty-dynamic driving experience on both dry and wet roads. Find out more about the test winner: #Continental #MakingMobility #SportContact #Winners

EVENT // Already seen? Although the HANNOVER MESSE won’t open its doors until next month, it has already begun on our website From April, 23 to 27 we will present our solutions for the logistics of tomorrow in hall 5 at booth E18. Click the link and learn more about our press activities and the events on stage!

HISTORY // With cozy lounge areas and showcases, we had a living room atmosphere in our booth at HANNOVER MESSE in 1956. Our customers felt #comfortable with us back then - and nothing has changed since. #Continental #MakingMobility

GETYOURGRIP // Every year, one midnight in August thousands of self-proclaimed UFO experts organize a race - the "E.T. Fullmoon Marathon". Following the Nevada State Route 35, close to the mysterious Area 51, the participants cross the Mars-like desert of Nevada. Find more fun and exciting race events to challenge your running shoes with Continental soles soon here. #Continental #FullmoonMarathon #Nevada #Area51

TECHNOLOGY // Truck drivers, bus passengers, fleet managers - you are all connected to tires! Our black and round (and now intelligent) products are crucial to safe transportation across the globe. That's why we launched #ContiConnect: a digital platform used to remotely monitor tire pressure and temperature, preventing tire-related breakdowns and keeping you safe on the road. Read more: #Continental #MakingMobility

INNOVATION // Narrow pedestrian zones and areas of limited access for motorized vehicles often complicate the delivery of post in large cities. That's why the Spanish #postalservice relies on #Bikelecing's comfortable & agile #EBikes - equipped with our #48V eBike system. Learn more:

INSIGHT // Clean air for all to breathe, worldwide. A feasible vision? In our fourth issue of the Continental Magazine, read what is already possible today and which future technologies are currently getting ready to launch. ➡️ To find out more, simply download our magazine from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store #Continental #MakingMobility #ContinentalMagazine

TECHNOLOGY // Our aim is to protect vehicles against hacker attacks. Therefore, we use #CyberSecurity technology to ensure comprehensive protection of safety-relevant vehicle components, like the brake system, and in production plants. Find out more about the importance of cyber security in vehicles: #Continental #MakingMobility

TECHNOLOGY // Thanks to our SSR runflat technology, flat tires have become a problem of the past. The reinforced sidewalls support the rims in the case of a sudden decrease in pressure and allow you to drive on for another 80 kilometers at a speed of 80km/h. The SSR runflat tires are compatible with all standard rims. More here: #Continental #SSR #MakingMobility

INNOVATION // In order to make #AutonomousDriving possible, network technologies must be expanded. Thanks to innovative 5G telematics in cars, traffic information, software updates and constant communication between road users can be transmitted in almost real-time. Find more information about this innovative technology in our video. #Continental #5G #Technology #MakingMobility

GETYOURGRIP // For all Porsche fans out there, have you checked out these adidas UltraBoost Porsche design shoes with Continental soles? 👟 #UltraBoost #adidas #Continental #GetYourGrip


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