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Stuttgart Dental Clinic

Panzer Kaserne Unit 30401 BLDG 2996, Böblingen, Germany
Government Organization



Providing the best Dental Care in the European region!


Dependants will be seen at the end of January 2017. The other option is to go to the tricare online website or call the tricare office 0711 680 4052 and they well help you find a dental clinic office post through the economy.

Happy Thanksgiving! The clinic is closed today. If you have any dental emergency please call the Military Police desk. We have our CQ doctor and Assistance on call. The clinic will open back up friday regular business hours as usual.

For all family members, we are not seeing you for annual cleaning appointments until December. But for other dental procedures we are seeing family members. Just to reiterate.

If there are any questions regarding dental care, after business hours leave a message on our website and all questions will be answered.

Good morning, Stuttgart DCC team will not start seeing family members until December. If you do not want to wait that long, you can call your local tricare office or go to tricare online to find a dental clinic out in the economy.

Stuttgart Dental Clinic's cover photo

Stuttgart Dental Clinic's cover photo

Stuttgart Dental Clinic

Stuttgart Dental Clinic


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