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Folsom Europe e.V.

Courbièrestr. 6, Berlin, Germany
Non-profit organization



FOLSOM EUROPE 2015: 12/13 SEP 2015
FOLSOM EUROPE has become a well-known event since 2004. But what is behind the scenes of Europe’s biggest leather and fetish event?

With the example of the Folsom Street fair, the success story began in 2003 when the application for partnership went out to the 'mother' of all Folsoms: Folsom Street Events in San Francisco.

San Francisco licensed the name to Folsom Europe eV (an association under German Law) and the first Folsom Europe started with a small street fair in 2004 as a result.

Since then the event has grown to a respectable size of 25.000, not in the least because Berlin is an attractive city for fetish freaks.... With the Schöneberg district being the front runner with its multitude of fetish shops and bars.

Partners and sponsors support Folsom Europe by running several events and the two big parties PERVERTS and PIG. 2012 will see the birth of a third party: SON OF A GUN on Sunday night, preceded by a Folsom Europe chill-out zone on Sunday afternoon in Fuggerstrasse.



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