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Bad Gandersheim

, Bad Gandersheim, Germany



Bad Gandersheim is a town in southern Lower Saxony, Germany, located in the district of Northeim., it had a population of 10,572.Bad Gandersheim has many half-timbered houses and is located on the German Timber-Frame Road . The town contains an airport as well.GeographyThe town of Bad Gandersheim lies between the Leine Uplands, Weser Uplands, and Harz Foreland in the valley of the Gande River, into which its tributary, the Eterna, empties within the town's territory. To the north lies the Heber Ridge. The borough is predominantly hilly. The Harz Mountains begin about 10km east of the town, and 5km to the west is the Leine Graben (Leinegraben).Borough divisionsThe borough of Bad Gandersheim consists of the following subdivisions based on the surrounding villages:HistoryThe town dates back to 852, when Gandersheim Abbey, a house of secular canonesses, was created in nearby Brunshausen by Liudolf, Duke of Saxony and his wife Oda. The first abbey church (Stiftskirche) in the town proper was begun in 856. In 990 the abbey received the market and tax rights. During the 10th century, Gandersheim was one of the most important towns of Saxony; the first German poet Hrosvit lived and worked here until 973. In 1159 Gandersheim was first mentioned as a town.


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