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La sécurité sociale et comment s'en sortir, Paris, France
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Le tabou en France par excellence :



Lumière 101 : pourquoi pas Bitur Camember ? - vidéo Dailymotion

La solution à la servitude que sont les divers organismes de sécurité sociale obligatoires, avant la catastrophe...

EU confronts France and Germany on trucking laws

Deux poids, deux mesures ? Commission threatens legal action against French and German laws on minimum wages for foreign truckers EUobserver reports that the European Commission pursued legal proceedings against France and Germany yesterday for requiring foreign transport drivers to be paid the local minimum wage. It notified France that a new French law requiring foreign transport companies to pay their drivers the French minimum wage if they deliver in France, which comes into force on 1 July, could violate EU free movement legislation. Minimum wage issues in road transportation have become a sensitive political topic as operators from eastern Europe, where wages are lower, have carved out a big share of the road freight business.

Open Europe

Réunion-débat avec Frédéric Lefebvre

Réunion-débat avec Frédéric Lefebvre

Fillons refuse de rencontrer les "Libérés" - Mouvement des Libérés

Dettes: hôpitaux, Unédic, Sécurité sociale... La menace des bombes françaises

Bras de fer entre l’Urssaf et Adidas sur les avantages en nature des salariés

L'obstacle URSSAF...

The Early History of Regulated Health Care

Several questions and answers...

Illusion ?

Frédéric Lefebvre à Lorient le 21 Mai 2016

President’s Page: What is Our Mission

Every patient is unique, with a unique set of circumstances. Our responsibilities to our patients include counseling them against ALL threats to their health. We recognize tobacco use, drug addiction, and excessive alcohol consumption as such threats, yet one danger towers above them all: our own dysfunctional “healthcare system.” Government intrusion into the exam room is at the heart of this threat. Not only has the government camel’s nose poked through the door, the giant clumsy beast is halfway in and smashing our tools about. We have no time to waste to sound the alarm and warn patients of this threat!

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