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Inventor of Flyboard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, Jetpack by ZR®, Flyboard® Air... and all ZR innovations Zapata® has always been dedicated to working on the creation, development and marketing of new machines sush as Flyboard®, Hoverboard® by ZR, Jetpack® by ZR, Flyboard® Air to satisfy everyone.

With more than 60 millions views on internet and being seen i the most prestigious commercial ads such as slot during the United States Super Bowl, the reputation of Zapata® has reached its heights.

Stengthened by a network of distributors and rental points present over the 5 continents, Zapata® is now realizing its wildest dreams, creating new innovating machines that come straight out of the comic books.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, directly or indirectly, to the Zapata history ! #tobecontinued


We are pleased to announce that the World Flyboard® Championships will take place at Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, one of the World’s favorite playgrounds for Flyboard® riders ! For this latest event, there will be riders competing in duo in a freestyle competition. They will perform amazing gravity-defying figures which will be judged by a jury of professionals. It will also be the occasion to discover our crazy latest water product, the Flyride, and test it ! Great news for all Flyboard® Air fans, Franky Zapata will demonstrate on Sunday after the prize-giving ceremony. The competition is co-organized by Vincent Lagaf’, who has been a Flyboard® devotee since the beginning ! SOON THE DETAILED PROGRAMM OF THESE 3 DAYS ! #staytuned ------------ [ SAVE THE DATE ;) ] Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que les championnats du Monde de Flyboard® se dérouleront à Cavalaire-sur-Mer, l’un des terrains de jeu préféré des riders du monde entier ! Au programme, des compétiteurs qui s’affronteront en duo lors d’une compétition freestyle en défiant la gravité avec la réalisation de figures aériennes toujours plus surprenantes qui seront jugées par un jury de professionnels. Ce sera aussi l’occasion de découvrir le tout dernier produit de la collection à eau, le Flyride, et de le tester! Pour tous les fans de Flyboard® Air, une démonstration sera effectuée par Franky Zapata, dimanche, enfin d’après-midi, après la remise des prix. Cette compétition sera co-organisée par Vincent Lagaf’, un passionné de Flyboard® de la première heure ! PROGRAMME DÉTAILLÉ À VENIR ! #staytuned ------------ [JOIN US ON OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS] ☞ Instagram : ☞ Twitter : ☞ YouTube : [OUR PARTNERS] ☞ Town of Cavalaire-Sur-Mer : ☞ Adrenaline Academie : ☞ Cap'Orn

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