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Bordeaux Neurocampus

Université de Bordeaux , Bordeaux Neurocampus, Institut François Magendie, 146 rue Leo Saignat, Bordeaux, France
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Bordeaux Neurocampus: 650 people, 45 teams devoted to research  aimed to understand the brain and its pathologies
Bordeaux Neurocampus Federation was founded by the University Bordeaux Segalen to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and research between the various neuroscience laboratories on the campus. Bordeaux Neurocampus coordinates the wide cross-disciplinary expertise and facilities and its clinical neuroscience partners in the hos- pital, and is engaged in developing ambitious training programs and conference series for the local and world- wide neuroscience research community. The Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, a unique neuroscience training centre in Europe is based on “hands-on”  training and opened to the international community. In partnership with FENS and IBRO, it constitutes a service offered to international community for the organization of courses in all fields of neuroscience all year long.



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