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Landbrugets Jobservice - Farming Jobcenter

Stilledalsvej 3, Faaborg, Denmark



Vi skaber kontakt mellem arbejdsgiver og arbejdstager.
Elev, medarbejder, fodermester eller Driftsleder.
Dansk eller udenlandsk medarbejder Landbrugets Jobservice occupation is to recruit and coach Employers/Employees in Agriculture both domestic and international. We work with: Students, Trainees, Employees and Leaders. Since 2001 we had internship programs with different European and Overseas countries, with more than 2.000 students through our programs.

Landbruget Jobservice is owned by Peder Top since April 2000. Peder Top is educated in Agriculture and graduated from Dalum Landbrugsskole (1996) as an Agrarian-Economist and Peder has worked on different fames in Denmark and Canada.

The Program-Plan for the candidates recruited by Landbrugets Jobservice:

Step 1
- Interview and selection of interested candidates in their home country.
- Matching farmer and the right candidate.
- Sign all relevant documents. The candidate will have a signed contract from the employer before departure.
- Arranged transportation to Denmark.

Step 2
- When the candidates arrives to Denmark, they are starting with 2 ½ day Information-seminar hosted by Landbruget Jobservice.
- The employer will join the seminar in the end of the curse to meet the candidate and together they will go and visit the employers workplace.
- After 4-6 weeks Landbruget Jobservice will come and visit the employer and candidate to make sure that every thing is all right.

- After 1 year Landbruget Jobservice is host for a follow-up meeting.
- The candidates live in normal homes (not caravans) with their own bedrooms. They share living room, kitchen and toilet/shower.

Please contact us for more information:
T: +4562800091 or e-mail:



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