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We grow your digital business We are Adapt, designers and creators of digital products. By uniting data-driven curiosity with conceptual craftsmanship, we deliver digital products that benefit people and help our clients succeed.


Our clients’ businesses are growing, and the technical demands for their websites are growing with them. That's why we are looking for a Cloud Engineer. Is that you?

Google just launched a Speed Scorecard so you can see how your site stacks up against the competition. On mobile devices, that is... The question is - are you ready for the cold, hard truth?

F.C København’s app ‘VoresKBH’ just got an upgrade - now you can get instant replays from the matches - right in your pocket. What’s not to like?

Looking for a wonderful place to work? Well, look no further! Right now we need a Senior Project Manager, a Copywriter, a UX Designer and a bunch of Project Coordinators both full-time, student position and intern - so why don't you pop over and have a look?

Did you miss our seminar “Use customer journey mapping to optimize the customer experience” we held in January? Have no fear, we got it right here, on tape! NB: The seminar is in Danish.

Last week, on Valentine's day, people all over Denmark sent declarations of love and bought a crazy amount of flowers on So many that Interflora Danmark, in fact, had a +30% increase compared to last years overall valentine sales. And opposite to last year, there was no downtime on the new site this year. We don’t like to brag, but we must admit that's pretty cool.

We've just launched Design Eyewear Group's new international ecommerce site for their brand, ProDesign, and it's turned out great.

Copywriters gather round! We are on the lookout for a new copywriter to join our creative team! Is it you, or someone you know?

Check out what we have done for TJM Forsikring!

Want to know how we tripled Cofoco Catering’s sales?

Wordsmiths gather round - we've got a proposition for you. Ok, the gist of it is that we need a copywriter, and we need one fast! So, check out the job post below, and get crackin' :-)

How do you get men to become sperm donors? Our Optimization Consultant, Nicolai Graae, found the answer using a Snapchat marketing campaign, where the number of conversions increased by 96.35% in just 16 days! N.B. The article is in Danish.


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