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Rough Hewn Entertainment

31 Brewster St, Glen Cove, United States
Small business



Full production company, Classes, Seminars



White boy Rick Eduardo Anievas Cortines

I need a tux or at least a bowtie by the 27th to film something who can help me here

Tattoo Parlor waiting detail I think it looks absolutely real. And this is the whe pic

Just a handful of people at the CAC and other places

I have to go on my computer and bring out a file to decide what film I’m going to watch for the evening there’s way too many I own way too many films I should never of even bought DVDs there’s no reason anymore you can just stream it so easily. So I have an endless amount of films because if you belong to Amazon or Hulu or Netflix or fandango or MUBI then you have access to all the Films by the way may I recommend fandango they are awesome mubi is also very good but it’s a bit limited in terms of Watching what is posted at Any time. there is a time frame, but I love them both. Amazon prime comes with the whole deal books movies etc. it’s a great deal 2 day delivery so if you get shit from Amazon you should be a prime member screw every other channel except for fandango and mubi. The cable companies suck elephant Dick’s because they make you get a package for a Wi-Fi signal if they had Wi-Fi for $18 nobody will get a phone and nobody would get cable there’s no reason anymore. I think I’m gonna watch repo man first and then Scorsese’s After Hours.

Paths w Kubrick

Kubrick and cat Edited

Recommended Before and After transformation