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Kickline Dance Center

531 Georgetown Rd off Valleybrook Rd, Lawrence, United States



Dance lessons for Peters Township, Canonsburg and surrounding areas. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Pointe, Modern, Acro. We offer complete dance education for students ages 3-18.
- Special Preschool combination classes of tap and ballet in our Angelina Ballerina        program.  
- Largest classrooms in the area
- Professional sprung marley dance floors
- On site dancewear supply store
- Full time Office Staff for customer service
- Huge waiting room and parking lot
- Free WiFi for parents


These girls took the stage on Saturday and ROCKED IT!!! 💥 Our ❤️ Senior Production Team ❤️ has performed 💃 at so many venues including Disney World, the Cleveland Cavilers game, and now Hersheypark!! We are all so proud of their hard work and how quickly they were able to learn new staging and choreography! KDC ❤️🖤 loves watching these girls create lifetime memories with lifelong friends! #kicklinedancecenter #KDC2018 #KDC #KDCseniorproductionteam #KDCdancers #KDCfamily #performceopportunities

Looking for some plans this weekend!!! Looks like a great time!!! 🤗

Back at it Hershey style!!! 🍫 Look out Hershey, here comes KDC!!! Stay tuned for more of our Senior Production Team Adventure!!! ❤️🖤 #hersheypark #performanceopportunities #KDC #KDCSeniorProduction #ProductionTeam

Happy Father’s Day to all of our #KDC #DanceDads!! You are all awesome and we hope you have a great day!! 💙 #KDCdancers #KDCdancedads #happyfathersday #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018

Soooo many memories today! Incredibly proud of each and every dancer 💃 who took the stage today: young and old, first time and last time and everything in between! And a HUGE thank you to all the parents for everything you do! There are so many moments to share and they will come but tonight we will leave our performance day, after three AMAZING shows, with a snap of our graduates!! Congrats and Good Luck!! 💫🌟❤️🖤😄😍 #KDCdancers ##KDCdancers #KDCfamily #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018 #KDCrecital #DontStopMeNow

⭐️SENIOR SPOTLIGHT⭐️ ❤️Mary Rauscher❤️ Mary is graduating from Peters Township High School and will be studying Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University Honors College in the fall. At KDC she takes, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, modern, lyrical and is part of the Senior Production Team! Mary’s favorite memories come from the Senior Production teams trip to Disney and the all the laughs and lifelong lessons from dance class! “Thank you for everything: the laughs, support, memories, lifelong friends and a special thank you to my KDC family for so many life lessons that will always be cherished” Congratulations Mary we are so proud of you! We cannot wait to see all you accomplish and watch you shine!! ❤️ #KDCfamily #KDCdancers #KDCseniors #KDC #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018 #DontStopMeNow

Day 3 rehearsals ready for the Big Time!!

⭐️SENIOR SPOTLIGHT⭐️ 💕Calista Gudac💕 Calista is graduating from Peters Township High School and will be attending Penn State University in the fall. She will be majoring in Communications. One of her favorite memories was traveling to Disney World with Senior Production Team and her best friends! ❤️ At KDC Calista takes ballet, modern, lyrical, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop and is part of the Senior Production Team! Calista wants to thank everyone for the past 15 years of memories that she will never forget and friends that will last a lifetime. Good luck, Calista, we cannot wait to see all of your accomplishments! 💫⭐️ #seniorspotlight #KDCseniors #KDCfamily #KDCdancers #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018 #recital2018 #KDC2018 #KDCrecital #KDCseniorspotlight

Day 2 rehearsals!!!!

🌟⭐️SENIOR SPOTLIGHT⭐️🌟 ❤️Casey Bruchwalski❤️ Casey is graduating from Bethel Park High School and attending Columbia College of Chicago in the fall. She will be majoring in Film. At Kickline, Casey takes ballet, pointe, musical theatre, modern, lyrical, tap, jazz and is a member of the Senior Production Team. Her favorite memory from KDC was going to NewYork City and taking dance classes there with the Senior Production Team!! Casey would like to thank everyone for all of their love and support over the past 15 years that she had been dancing! Congratulations Casey! We are so proud of you and are excited to see where the next chapter takes you! ❤️🖤 #seniorspotlight #KDCseniors #KDCfamily #KDCdancers #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018 #recital2018 #KDC2018 #KDCrecital #KDCseniorspotlight

🌟⭐️SENIOR SPOTLIGHT⭐️🌟 💜Samantha Szewczyk💜 Today’s Senior Spotlight is Samantha Szewczyk, who is graduating from Peters Township High School. In the fall, Sam will be attending Penn State Main Campus with a major in Mathematics and a focus in Actuarial Science. Her favorite memory from KDC is from one of her performances in the Daddy/Daughter dance. Right before going on stage she got a splinter, and to make it better, her dad put a band aide on it... right over her tights! 😂 She would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for all of their support over the past fifteen years of dancing at Kickline Dance Center. ❤️🖤 Good luck, Samantha, we are so proud of you and cannot wait to watch you soar!! 💫 #seniorspotlight #KDCseniors #KDCfamily #KDCdancers #kicklinedancecenter #kicklinedancecenter2018 #recital2018 #KDC2018 #KDCrecital #KDCseniorspotlight


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