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4 Islands

, Zagreb, Croatia
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Unique race in the
world of mountain biking We won’t say it's a race for everyone...because - it’s not!
But it is a race for MTB fans ready to experience a powerful mix of breathtaking trails, pains and pleasure, partners and rivals and the race where all those who reach the finish line are – winners!
We won’t say this is the toughest race’s probably not!
But we know it’s not often you experience such diversity of the terrain, sharp and steep climbs and and fast and technically demanding descents where only the bravest will let the brakes all the way.
We won’t say that this is the most beautiful is always in the eye of the beholder. But it’s the race along single trails on the coastline with steep climbs to the mountain tops awarding bikers with magnificent views of unspoiled nature and villages over thousand years old....Oh yes...we definitely can say this race is one of the most beautiful in the world!


4 Islands went global! Believe it or not – 700 million people had a chance to see your face struggling at the Mitas 4 Islands 2017 broadcast report. Read more about it and watch the full seven-minute report on the link

Only 250 days to the race. Book your spot now.

Entries for Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race 2018 are open!

The trail is waiting. Entries for Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race 2018 starts tomorrow 19.07@12:00 CET. Be there.

It was a celebration of a true sport spirit! Four days lasting feast of cheer, mutual support and altruism with official winners in numbers only. For the real winners of this race were the smiling faces and devotion! No matter the wind, no matter the cold, not even the cancelled island – nothing could blur the sparkle in your eyes and these behind-the-race photos are here to prove it.

Last day overview. Share your impressions from Losinj in comments.

Day 3 in a short video. Your recap of your day 3 on the race in comments.

Day 2 - official recap. Your story of day 2 is welcome.

Day 1 - official recap. We want to hear your story from stage 1. Any language… Google translate will help.

"I want to be a finisher, what should I do? How far is the finish from here? What is the time limit?" - he asked the crew at 2nd feed zone. 20 km later and 15 minutes before time limit, he runned into finish line....

Final results of all stages and overall.

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