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Business consulting on words that start with C - Cloud, Customers, Communications, CRM, Call Centers, Convergence, Computers, Collaboration... InfoCumulus is independent business consulting company focused in the field of ICT services and customer relationship management. The main goal of the company is to merge technical and business knowledge into complete business solutions.
Making right business decisions that will maximize business impact is prerequisite for success. InfoCumulus team have extensive practical experience in efficient customer care and customer relationships management.

In the domain of the process related to customer relationship management, InfoCumulus provides services completely independent of technological implementations or software solutions suppliers for the automation of these processes.
InfoCumulus helps in understanding the current technology environment, deciding on particular business challenges and positioning your business in the new marketplace. Wide range of strategic options are at your disposal, it’s up to you to pick the right business model.
InfoCumulus area of expertise:

Enterprise Social Network
Enterprise Mobile
ICT Business Consulting
CRM Strategy
Cloud Computing
Customer Services
Quality Assurance

The quality delivered by InfoCumulus is best illustrated by our reference list. Over 50 satisfied customers shows us about the quality of our services and solutions, the most of them are domestic and international Telecommunication companies. Today, about 70% of our income through services delivered abroad.




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Zagreb, Croatia
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