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Secret Kitchen

Vinogradišće, Vis, Croatia
Family Style Restaurant



healthy food from our garden, domestic products, relaxation in friendly athmosphere


Kadulja 😍

Elderflower, bazga, zova 😍

Artičoke 😍

We got snow, ❄❄❄yes, crazy I know.. are you thinking what I'm thinking.. well, season can start much earlier, if you ask me, we can start with some winter sports, like watching snow melting, drinking some good wine, and having some heavy food by the fire 😂 who cares about climate change, man will survive everything, we are mutating anyway, just thinking 😉

U godini Novoj, svim dragim prijateljima želimo ljubav, zdravlje, mir i radost sadašnjeg trenutka <3 Happy New Year <3

Boje jeseni :)

Jesen na Vinogradošću ;)

cherrys and wild berrys ❤

new summer ❤

vegeterian paradise, that's what we are ❤

new summer ❤

Photos from Secret Kitchen's post

Photos from Secret Kitchen's post


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