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Antoinette's Restaurant

4121 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, Canada



Our Mission:
To teach our guests how to LIME through pure niceness and good food. Entering Antoinette's, allow your eye to enjoy our architecturally unique, locally built bar. It may just be the perfect place to enjoy a featured Martini. Our genuine smiles and professional service welcome you. Beautiful mosaic tiled floors will guide your step up into the dining room.

If you choose, continue through to our beautiful outdoor area: COCOMO. A little oasis in the heart of the downtown business district, our covered deck is a FUN option. You may even reserve the HAMMOCK - quite likely the most unique and comfortable spot in for mealtime respite in Whitehorse.

Our cuisine is a mix of Nouveau Canadian, Latin, East Indian, Thai, and Vegetarian (some with a Caribbean infusion). Traditional, authentic ingredients are used, enabling our kitchen to hold true to varied and interesting cultural recipes.


Seasons' a-changin' so we're a-changin' our lunch menu. New items will be on the board on Monday.

I got to hang with art folk from this Northern arts summit this weekend. Thrilled to welcome a Norwegian, Greenlander, Finn, Alaskan and beautiful people from all 3 Territories to Antoinette's and be invited to some beautiful performances, too. Blown away by Lazarus Qattalik from Igloolik, Tiffany and Grey who make up Quantum Tangle from NWT, Julia and Jerry from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Leela Gilday from NWT. Grateful for these artists.

Wow wow wow. What an amazing community of women and allies we have right here in Whitehorse! Thanks to Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre, Les EssentiElles, Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council, Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle, Yukon Status of Women Council and the Yukon Women's Transition Home Society for asking us to host their International Women's Day celebration!

Awesoooooommmme! Toronto Dance Theatre came celebrate the end of their House Mix tour. Loved their show last night and the post-show talks. Happy to be feedin' these dancin' machines FLOATY and more.

Best caption by Jånnå Bånånå: "Where is my soy sauce?" --- Yoyoyo, I doin' the lunches 'soy or no soy'!

Heyheyhey ... lunch special feature: bacon, onion, spinach quiche is on the specials board.

Must be the avocado fumes. I feelin' nice so nice. Pure niceness lunch and dining LIMING -- Antoinette GreenOliph

I'm feelin' it man. The love it's too much. So we've got new feature eats for you, nice LIMING for lunch and dining.

Steppin' up the cookin' doing the nice food gig!

Full LUNCH menu launches today! CAUGHT and FORAGED join CRADLED and FLOATY! In plain speak: I'm making maple salmon with seasonal vegetables on basmati rice and vegetarian loaf with side salad along with your favourite spicy Caribbean pork on float and our chicken wrap. Plus soup du jour and dessert to entertain your taste buds. Come LIME with me today!

Come for cozy and tasty tonight. In short: Dinner LIMING.

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