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HarbourTone Productions

25 King Street, Shelburne, Canada
Music Production Studio



HarbourTone Productions in Shelburne, NS offers a comfortable & professional audio recording facility situated close to Shelburne's Historic Dock St. HarbourTone Productions is a recording studio in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.
Situated close to Shelburne's historic Dock Street, HarbourTone offers a warm and comfortable yet professional space designed for recording demos and fully produced album projects.

Fully-trained, in-house producer/engineer Alex Buchanan is the owner & operator of HarbourTone Productions.

One of HarbourTone's goals is to create new awareness and recognition for the huge musical talent in Southern Nova Scotia. It also aims to bring many great artists from other areas to the area and be an asset to Nova Scotia's music industry.


"The Universal Woman" written by Judi Cleveland with music and video produced at HarbourTone Productions. Please consider sharing and spreading this incredible message. "Through a blend of illustration, poetry and song, this video is intended to shed light upon the oppressive, unequal and abusive conditions under which many woman exist around the globe and to stimulate intelligent, positive and dignified discussion as to how those conditions might be improved."

A little update from HarbourTone!

Hey folks, it's always hard to find time to post updates about what's happening in the studio when it's packed full of people and projects on the go - 2017 was a very busy year here, maybe the busiest yet! So, I've spent some time today updating the past projects page on my website - here you'll find every project to come out of HarbourTone - a running list of every album, single, video and more that has been made in Shelburne at the studio. Have a gander and see if you recognize some names! If there is something on the list that you'd like to purchase on CD or a digital copy of, send me a message and even if I don't have a copy here I can put you in touch with the artist. If you have a music or video project that you're interested in creating this year, studio bookings are available starting in February, spread the word! Cheers

A great group of folks in the studio last night recording a new Christmas classic 😁 - cheers!

And here it is! Click to watch Naming the Twins’ new music video for their song ‘Why Can’t We’’. The song has a positive message for the year 2017 when we still have to ask “why can’t we just get along?”. Produced by Darcy and Alex of DnA Design House. Audio recorded and mixed at HarbourTone Productions. Please help the Twins by sharing the video!

Stay tuned for a brand new music video by Naming the Twins for their song "Why Can't We". Produced by Darcy and Alex of DnA Design House. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot!

Had lots of fun with Matt Swim this week recording a cover song called “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair” - check out the video on YouTube!

Pro filming crew currently set up at HarbourTone for an interview with Manitoba Hal Brolund!

And here it is!

It's getting there! So very cool!

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