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Oxbow Agencies Ltd.

874 Prospect Ave. PO Box 238, Oxbow, Canada
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Located at 874 Prospect Ave., Oxbow.Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm, 306.483.2246 As an independent insurance broker we work for you.
We will represent you and always place your interests ahead of our own.
We will evaluate your insurance needs and provide advice about the insurance coverage and company that best suits our individual needs.
We will fairly and accurately represent your interests to the insurance company(s) from whom we source your insurance.
We will make you aware of any relationship with an insurance company that would create a conflict in how we serve you, so that you can make an informed choice.
We will inform you of any fee we charge for service or advice in addition to the standard commission we earn from the insurance company.
We will safeguard your personal information and only use it for its intended purpose or as required by law.


In addition to providing lower deductibles and increased liability, SGI Canada's Auto Pak also includes wildlife at a $0 deductible. With rural SK's ever growing wildlife population it is important to make sure you have the proper coverage in the event of a wildlife claim. For as little as $25/month SGI Canada can help you get back on the road. Give us a call today for more information!

Our power will be turned off today starting at 12pm for up to 1 hour approximately. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Attention all new vehicle owners! Your Basic Plate Insurance will not be enough to fully insure your brand new automobile. As soon as you drive that vehicle off the lot the value depreciates immediately and you will not get what you paid for the vehicle in the event of a loss. But, dont worry SGI Canada's Auto Pak has got you covered! Adding Replacement Cost to your policy will ensure that your new vehicle is fully insured and will not put you in debt. Contact us to add this coverage today!

Yes, we are open today! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

Sorry we are closed today. Regular office hours will resume on Monday April 2nd.

Sorry we are closed today. Enjoy your long weekend.

We will be closed tomorrow (Good Friday), Saturday, and Sunday. Regular office hours will resume Monday April 2nd. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your long weekend!

Did you know that when your vehicles are unlicensed and in storage they are NOT insured under your house insurance policy? Because they are licensable they must be insured under their own separate auto policy. At Oxbow Agencies Ltd., we want to ensure that you are protected from the unexpected, get your SGI Canada Auto Pak today!

Carnival's newest ship the Panorama is open for booking today! It will set sail Dec 14, 2019 from Long Beach, CA. Reserve your stateroom today!

If you’re heading on a trip...this is our go to travel wallet! Remember 35% coupon for everyone who books through us!

A wreck in your commercial vehicle could leave you strapped for cash and could be detrimental to your business. But don't worry, SGI Canada's Commercial Auto Pak has got you covered! Contact our office for more information!

We are upgrading our camera that is used for passport photos, firearm photos, permanent resident photos, etc., and will not be able to take any photos until Monday! Sorry for the Inconvenience!