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Knox PC, Georgetown

116 Main St. S, Georgetown, Canada
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We worship on Sundays at 11:00, but ministry goes on 24/7!  We come together as a community to equip ourselves for ministry to the world! Weekly Worship is at 11:00am on Sunday, August to June (July is 10:00am).  It is the hope of the Knox community that all who gather for worship will be blessed by the touch of the Holy Spirit as we worship in word, song, and prayer each week.

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Obituary of Carol Lawrence

This coming Sunday is the first of the Season of Lent! We will be considering the first of several "stepping stones" that are on the paths of our lives that could be joined to make the single stone that covered Christ's tomb for those terrible three days so long ago...

Obituary of Donald Gosling

Knox PC, Georgetown

The Knox family is saddened to announce the passing of Don Gosling. Don was a longtime member of the congregation, though he has been failing since the passing of his wife, Joyce, in January of 2014. A memorial service celebrating his life will take place at the Jones Funeral Home on Saturday, January 30th, commencing at 11:00 a.m. No visitation times have been announced yet, but will be posted on the Jones website, when they are finalized.

K-LOVE Afternoon Show

As Rev. Steve was talking about on Sunday...

K-LOVE Afternoon Show

Reading through the Bible can be a chore - it's *huge*, dense, and amazingly awesome! Sometimes you just have to do it the same way you eat an elephant: one bite at a time! Starting this coming Sunday, folks will be invited to participate in a Bible Reading Group at Knox in which we will read through the entire text of the Bible by June of 2018(!). Reading guides have been prepared, and we will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 to discuss what we have read over the past few weeks. Readings will be in clusters of 25 to allow for "catch-up days" each month. If you're interested, grab a guide and plan on coming out! If Wednesday evenings don't work for you, please suggest an alternate time that might be better for you!

Canadian Bandurist Capella

This coming Sunday, January 17th, the Canadian Bandurist Capella will be performing at Knox, starting at 3:00 in the afternoon! This is a fundraiser for St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church, which burned in April of 2014 and which is now under reconstruction. Freewill offering at the door!

Canadian Bandurist Capella


As many of you are aware, the PCC is once again studying the issue of human sexuality, in response to several overtures to General Assembly requesting that all persons of LGBTQ orientation be permitted to take roles at all levels of the Church’s leadership, or to do as the Assembly deems best. Of course, several other overtures were received requesting that the PCC stay the course with its existing statements regarding human sexuality and the issue of same-sex marriage. A study document, entitled Body, Mind and Soul, has been produced by the joint team responsible for formulating a response to the Assembly. If you wish to study it online, it can be found at - if you wish a paper copy, please talk to Rev. Steve about ordering one. We will be taking at least one night to discuss this document, but it will not be before February. Rev. Steve is going to be attending an all-day seminar regarding this study document at the end of January to get a better feel on how to run such study events. Please pray for our denomination as it seeks to find the way forward in this time.

There will be a congregational meeting following worship this coming Sunday (January 10th) to consider the proposed funding model for sponsoring a refugee family. Please plan to stay to exercise your voice and your vote!

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