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Chatham's Breakfast House & Grille Churrascaria

525 Grand Ave E, Chatham, Canada
Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant



From the Mediterranean taste of Portugal to the mouth
watering taste of the authentic Churrascaria Steakhouse.

Opening Hours

07:00 - 20:00
07:00 - 20:00
07:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 21:00
08:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 21:00
08:00 - 14:00


Soup Roasted potato Bacon Lunch Grilled 6oz and steak wrap Sundried tomato, green onion aioli, mozzarella, lettuce, cucumber and carrot.

Happiest Birthdays to Chef Matt Harlick. We wish you nothing but the best and are so very thankful you have been a HUGE part of our team since day one! Love your CBH Familia.

Not sure how to spend Valentine's Day this year? Indulge yourself in a succulent meal at Churrascaria. If you're after a romantic dinner or simply a fun night out with friends make sure to book soon, as spots are going quickly!💕 **** please note this is $100 per couple.

Soup Roasted zucchini bisque Lunch 8oz chuck burger stuffed with blue cheese and topped with caramelized mushrooms Dinner NY striploin with a Cajun aioli topped with a soft shell crab 🦀

Soup Roasted carrot, chickpea and mushroom Lunch Grilled chicken burrito Corn and bean rice, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers topped with pico de Gallo and sour cream $15.95.

Soup Roasted red pepper & Butternut squash Lunch BBQ roast beef panini Roast beef smothered in our house BBQ sauce, grilled onion, horseradish cream and Canadian cheddar $15.94

Soup Roasted sweet potato and smoked bacon Today‚Äôs lunch we are featuring our Churrasco 🍗 Join us for Dinner and enjoy our 15oz Prime Rib. Just a friendly reminder we have our Churrasco take out dinners available everyday . Make sure to place your orders now and beat the rush !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERNANDA!!!!!! throughout the life your valuable advices have led us safely. Your words are our guidance and your love is the most precious item to me. Now, this is the opportunity to thank you for everything you did for Brian and I and everything you do for your grandchildren. Happy birthday to an amazing mom!! Come out and wish Fernanda a Happy Birthday this morning 🎂

Soup Roasted red pepper bisque Lunch BBQ Cajun Grilled chicken wrap BBQ aioli, cheddar, lettuce and bacon. Dinner 8oz filet Topped with Crispy prosciutto & red pepper jam and goat cheese.

We are working on getting our phone lines back up and running. If you need us msg me here!

Soup Navy bean and smoked bacon Lunch Grilled chicken panini with black bean salsa, cheddar, tomato and Cajun aioli.

Soup Roasted sweet carrot leek Lunch Grilled chouriço pizza with mozzarella, tomato, fresh sautéed spinach and balsamic.

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