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LUXOM IP domotica - home and building automation


Luxom modules in production !

The award-winning ELAN 8 was unveiled to the European market at ISE 2017! The software adds a new user interface, voice control of all event maps and powerful new user-managed features. Available with Luxom interfacing (driver). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ De nieuwe ELAN 8 smart home control software is benoemd tot Human Interface Product of the Year op de CES 2017, begin januari in Las Vegas. Gemakkelijk in gebruik en betrouwbaar was de ELAN software al, maar ELAN 8 krijgt een extra laag dankzij de stijlvolle, nog slimmere interface, de voice control-verbinding met Amazon Alexa en krachtige nieuwe features. Wie ELAN 8 gebruikt heeft geen separate apps meer nodig voor de bediening van verlichting, beveiliging, audio, video en allerlei andere smart home toepassingen. Beschikbaar met Luxom interface (driver). #elanhomesystems #luxom

Wij verwelkomen de firma DOMOTIKS uit Frankrijk als verdeler van Luxom. Eerste bestelling reeds uitgeleverd !

Another year flew by like it was nothing. Wasn’t it only yesterday that it was 2015? And a little over week from now it’s 2017! We wishes you a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Luxom over the years - DID YOU KNOW THAT : • Luxom was formerly called Pluscontrol, but the modules are 100% compatible ... • The first modules were introduced onto the market in 1995, in other words more than 20 years ago ... • You can plug an IP module into an installation of 1995 and control it with your iPad or phone … • If you buy a property with Luxom and the files are no longer available, you can retrieve them from the installation … • There are drivers for Commandfusion, iRidium, Elan Home Systems, RTI, Crestron, Stradraw, Control4, … • The LUXOM protocol is public and described on our website ... • You can connect any switch to our DS03LX interface, even rocker switches … • Luxom is used in houses, flats, offices, hospitals, warden-assisted flats, banks, ... • For a BUS, you can use all kinds of three-wire cables, even the old 230V cabling … • Our configuration software Plusconfig is free ... • You can find LUXOM modules as far away as China … • All Luxom modules are, without exception, manufactured in Belgium ...

Wij verwelkomen de firma DOMOTIKS als Luxom verdeler in Frankrijk ( !

Luxom - Lithoss : perfecte combinatie en integratie !

Licht laten branden, temperatuur wat hoger zetten voor thuiskomst, waterlek melding, ... Eenvoudig te bedienen met de Luxom app (Commandfusion) of Luxom Home Center !

Met onze Chinese klanten in Gent. Gravensteen en ribbetjes bij Amadeus ...

Conny from Icon Scandinavia : Testing new upcoming RTI Drivers for Luxom Lighting and Luxul Switches. #iconscandinavia #rticorp #luxom #luxul

Full two way RTI driver with some extras as well available for Luxom. You can control (with feedback) your Luxom system now with the complete RTI systems. For more info, take contact with Tobias Eriksson (

voor de techneuten onder ons ... ;-)


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