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Liège Science Park - 4, Allée des Noisetiers, Liège, Belgium
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PhysIOL designs, manufactures and markets innovative intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. Specialized in the research, development and manufacture of innovative optical solutions for cataract surgery, our products are supplied to ophthalmic surgeons in over 60 countries, through a worldwide network. Our expertise covers all steps of development and manufacture of intraocular lenses. It extends from polymer chemistry through to sterilization processes, including modelling and risk-control associated with implantable materials.


Let's try now the first 20.000 cuts/min dual blade cutter Twedge Double efficacy and permanent safety. See more on #Revolution #Equipment #WhenEvolutionBecomesRevolution Contact your local PhysIOL representative for a trial!

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The whole Physiol team is happy to wish you a FINE year 2018! 🤩 Enjoy your celebrations and be ready for all the challenges that will come in 2018!

We are happy and proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! This new website is dynamic, and the true reflection of PhysIOL's innovative mindset. You will catch all the information you need within seconds. Enjoy the new experience!

Le docteur Françoise Van Cauwenberge du CHU de Liège parle du trifocal et explique qu'il est possible de vivre sans lunettes après 50 ans dans une interview consacrée au magazine "Vision". #IOL #Trifocal #Cataract

Dr. Poyales and Dra. Garzón from IOA Madrid in Spain, wrote an article in the newspaper Eco Diario mentioning that #trifocal #IOLs generate less complains about halos than bifocal lenses.

#PhysIOL was again well represented during the #SPO2017 in Vilamoura 🇵🇹. Several talks and some interesting feedbacks that you will for sure be pleased to hear later on... #GoldStandard #ForgivingIOL #Trifocal #BeyondTheLimitsOfVision #WhenHappinessBecomesReality #WhenFreedomBecomesReality

PhysIOL had the privilege to organize an activity during the 1st North Lebanon Ophthalmology meeting that took place on Saturday 25th Nov 2017. Dr. Alaa Eldanasoury gave an update on the FineVision technology reflecting the results of his study, which involves 30 patients implanted with #FineVision in Magrabi Hospital in Jeddah. The doctor shared the positive experience he has with the lens including the toric PODFT and the high patient satisfaction with the bilateral implantation. Thanks to all participants of this great event! #IOL #FINE

Thanks to Dr. Usama Hasan for his presentation about FineVision during the 3rd Scientific Conference that took place in Baghdad- Iraq on the 23rd and 24th Nov 2017. The conference occurs in coordination with Ibn Al Haitham teaching eye hospital and Dr. Usama presented the results of 100 FineVision implanted at Jenna Optha Center. A very special thanks to the remarkable support of the Ophthalmology leader, Dr. Fares Al Bakri for PhysIOL to be part of the main conference as well as the moderation of the session alongside with the big key opinion leader from Egypt, Dr. Usama Ibrahim. Dr. Usama Hasan reflected the FineVision success factors, patient selection, in addition to the high patient satisfaction with PhysIOL FineVision. All of this was possible thanks to our partner in Iraq, Al-Mufid Scientific Bureau for the super coordination to make the 1st PhysIOL activity in Iraq a successful one. #IOL #FINE #FineVision #Trifocal

Let's discover the new innovations of PhysIOL lauching the new FineVision HP! Visit us at OB, November 22-24, in Brussels, Belgium, Booth #26 #FineVisionHP #GoldStandard #IOL