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Doorniksewijk 1, Kortrijk, Belgium
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An anual hockey tournament/festival. Hosting teams from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Holland, Great-Britain and hopefully more to come.


It is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to cancel our event Hockeyland 2017. Just like our competitors we planned the event on the ideal weekend, right after the exams and just before summer. But this made it impossible for us to compete with even bigger events with whom we share our target group. Although we started the 20th edition of our annual hockey tournament full of energy and with new ideas such as the day-tournaments, the decision to work with new suppliers and introduce some new concept, the inscriptions for the tournament did not rise as we expected and we therefore took this heavy decision unanimously. Cancelling our tournament this year does not immediately mean we are cancelling the entire Hockeyland-happening. If you have any questions don't doubt to contact us at any time. The Hockeyland-comité, Amélie, Axelle, Flore, Julie, Nicolas

You can't make it on Saturday? No worries ! Just join us for the Hangover Tournament on Sunday. 100% crazy and fun games 🙃 Subscribe on #hockeyland2017

What's for dinner at #Hockeyland2017 ? Balls & balls & balls 👅 Worlds best handcrafted stuffed meat & veggieballs by @ballsandglory Belgian cuisine, oui oui! 🇧🇪

Hockeyland got a facelift 🎉 We started with the tournament concept (more info on our web or page) but we also changed the look & feel to make it even more unforgettable. Starting with this fabulous tent by @organicconcept 🎪 and plenty more to come #hockeyland2017

Soon hanging in your favorite hockey club 🤓 Hockeyland posters coming your way! #hockeyland2017

Ya Ya Ya 🚩WE'RE ONLINE 🚩It's time to make a team 🎉

Follow us on Instagram 🤡 145 days till our annual crazy weekend #hockeyland2017

Ready to party tomorrow? And what about a party weekend to start the summer with ? We’re very proud to present HOCKEYLAND ’17 with a new concept: Come join us on Saturday for a One Day Competition, starting early morning and finishing with a dinner & party after the finals. On Sunday, we’ll have the Hangover Tournament, with fun games completely out of the box (and pitch). Subscribe for Saturday or both days and of course, doors opens on Friday evening and tents are welcome. More info soon on the event page :