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Hello Kitty Online

Avenue Jules Bordet 160 1140, Evere, Belgium
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Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is the first and only official massively multiplayer online game(MMOG) set in the world of Hello Kitty and her friends, including Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Dear Daniel, Keroppi and all the others!  HKO is integrated with SanrioTown, the official online community of Hello Kitty and Friends. Because of this, being active in both communities can give you lots of cool benefits like being able to get Sanrio Loyalty Points by writing blog entries, uploading videos, sending email, and by playing flash games in SanrioTown. These online services are also available while playing HKO.

SanrioTown is a Sanrio-themed portal and social networking site. SanrioTown was set up in 2002 to be the official online community of Sanrio fans!


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